Hi there friends! If you are like me, you love to spend time in the great outdoors. And, one of my favorite things to do outside is have a picnic under the shade trees with my kids. This tutorial is going to show you how I made a picnic table using a wood pallet and scrap materials I had in my garage.

This picnic table is perfect for toddlers, bigger kids, or small adults, like me!  I was kind of winging it on this table, but here is the gist of how to make one:

The List:
one or two wood pallets
a pallet buster (Amazon.com or Home Depot); or a pry bar and mallet
variety of different sized screws (whatever you have on-hand)
circular saw
wood glue
tape measure
stain or paint

First, remove the wood planks from the pallet, preferably in one piece. This is where a pallet buster comes in handy. I ordered mine from Amazon.com and got it within two days.

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wood pallets

Once you have demolished your pallet, pick about six of the best boards to use as your table top, and four boards for the seats (two each).

I used three of the thicker boards that held the pallet together as supports for the table top. I cut the ends at a 30 degree angle and attached them to the bottom side of the table top with screws.

After the table top was finished I laid it standing up on one end.  I laid the legs down first and put the seat support on top of them. The seat support was in the middle of the legs. I made sure to make the distance from the bottom of the legs to the top of the seat support the same on both sides of the table.  Be sure to measure your boards frequently so your table will be even.  Next, I secured the boards with wood screws.

Once I had finished the other end I added another support between each of the seat supports. You can use one of your pallet boards for this step.  If you are going to have heavy kids or adults, you may want to use thicker wood for this project.  Since this one is for the kids, the pallet wood will work out fine.

At this point, I stood the table back upright and attached the pallet wood seat tops. Again, I attached them using various screws, depending on how thick your planks are. For this project, I mostly used 1 3/4″ and 2″ screws for strength and stability.  To make the legs a little sturdier, I added a piece of board to each of the four legs, using wood glue (hence the clamps), and screws.  Again, just to give it a little more stability.

The next step is to sand the table really well all over, and decide if you are going to paint or stain it.  At first, I thought I was going to just stain mine a weathered gray and leave it at that.

But, after thinking about it awhile, I thought it would look better underneath the trees if it were a distressed green with a dark top.  I painted the legs a turquoise-green color, and then I used a dark walnut stain on the table top and on the seats.  I also used a little of the walnut stain over the green and around the edges.  Again, I sanded all over the table to give it a distressed look. The final step was several layers of clear polyurethane to help protect the table from the elements.

Here it is outside, next to the fort and backyard that the kids play in. Hopefully, this little table will see lots of picnics, parties, and snacks over the next few years. Again, this was my first attempt at making a picnic table, and it was fairly easy to make. Be sure to send pics of your picnic table when you make it!