Well, hello there, friend! I’ll bet you are saying to yourself, “Did I read that right? WHAT is getting in their trash?” And, yes, you did. We have been having such a problem lately with something getting into our trash cans at night and throwing out the garbage that is inside the cans. Even if the trash can has only one or two bags and the lid is completely closed, it continues to happen.  And, whatever the creature is that does this, he tears open each bag and sorts out the different items by groups.  Therefore, it has to be a raccoon, right?   Otherwise, it is a ghost that likes garbage, and I think that may be a little far-fetched.  Anyway, I went on Pinterest and Google and could not find anything cheap enough for me to make.  Most videos showed people buying locks, drill bits, screws, hinges, etc.  I decided to use what I had on-hand (as I usually do), and figure out how to keep the lid more tightly secured.  I decided on a couple of screws and some bungee cords (had both of these on-hand in the garage).

Yep, this is probably the fastest DIY you will ever see. It took me about 60 seconds to drive the screw into the can lid and then stretch the bungee cord from the screw down to the lower lip of the trash can, so that it fit snugly. This may not deter the raccoon, and he may be strong enough to unhook the bungee cord. Or, it could be Big Foot. This will require further investigation. If, however, this doesn’t work, I have a few more things to try out. I could put a heavy cement block on top of each trash can. I could spray each bag with ammonia, and spray ammonia around the cans. Or, I could even hook-up some twinkling Christmas lights and plug them in at night, around the cans. I’ll keep you informed on the progress of this DIY. : )  

How do you get rid of yard critters? I’d love to hear your tips and ideas!












UPDATE:  It is now January 2018.  We have had NO incidents or problems with anything getting into our trash.  The bungee cords did the trick!  Fastest DIY ever!  : )