I’ve been working on several signs lately.  Mainly because my walls are still so bare, and my husband won’t let me buy anything to hang on them.  So, I decided to get creative.  Sometimes I use letter stencils that you can buy in stores or on-line.  However, most of the time I want to use a different or fancy font, and I don’t have any stencils for those types of letters.  In that case, I get on my computer, go to Picmonkey.com, create a word or phrase in a font I like, then print it out backwards.  Once it is printed out, I can tape it down to my board with my lettering facing the way I want.  Then, with either a sharp pen, sharp pencil, or whatever sharp instrument you have, trace over the letters, making deep grooves into your board.  If you bear down hard enough, it will be fairly easy to take a tiny paint brush or paint pen and make the outline of your letters.  Then you can fill-in with whatever paint colors you want.  This was the process I used for most of my wooden board projects.