Hi!  I thought I would put a little of Sam’s work on here too.  A lot of schools in Georgia are doing a project where you grow a cabbage from a tiny plant, into a large one.  Apparently, the kids also get entered into a scholarship, so we are ALL about that!  ; )   Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the tiny, pitiful looking sprig that we started out with.  I think I didn’t take a photo because I just assumed it would die!  : )However, the cabbage plant has totally showed me up.  Here are a few pics in progression…



So, basically, we used a plastic pot with holes in the bottom, lots of rich potting soil, the cabbage plant, and water.  Oh, and sunshine too.  Watering is about every other day and the plant is in full sunshine for about half of the day.  It seems to be working…  : )


Crazy, huh?  I think it’s time to plant this bad boy in the ground.