Are you tired of gray walls yet?  Me neither, but look out because there is a newly trending color of the year for 2017, and that is Sherwin-Williams gray/brown toned color called SW 6039 Poised Taupe.  It is such a gorgeous, lush color that would look great in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room … you name it!  According to, “Poised Taupe creates a cozy lifestyle and brings a sense of sanctuary into our homes. It diffuses the stresses of the world outside our doors — so much so that we feel restored and in balance when we walk across our threshold.  There is a particular beauty to be admired in homes that are allowed to age gracefully and show the wear and tear of everyday life. Lived-in homes seem to evolve harmoniously with their inhabitants. Every scratch, crack and mark records a story, a memory. The patina of a weathered wood tabletop can reveal the life and laughter of a party or the stain of spilled milk. At a time when perfection can seem like the ideal, a space that celebrates a well-lived life can be a sanctuary.  Our story of taupe is simple. Earthen brown combines with conservative grey and the result is a weathered, woodsy and complex neutral that celebrates the imperfections and authenticity of a well-lived life.”  I am totally loving it!