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My name is Jennifer, and I’m the creator of Derby Lane Dreams, a DIY Home Decor, Party Planning, and Lifestyle Blog.

I help mom’s like you to:

  • plan affordable, DIY kid’s birthday parties
  • create easy, budget-friendly DIY home decor
  • find trending and popular holiday gift ideas
  • find the best Fortnite party ideas, toys, games, products, etc., for your kids
  • be successful in your healthy, keto diet and weight loss endeavors
  • I create free calendars and seasonal wall art for you to download and print
  • and provide a few easy tips and ideas for saving money.





How this blog came to be:

I am a Registered Nurse with specialties in Labor and Delivery and in Case Management.  I have always worked full-time, until recently, and feel blessed to be able to stay home and shuttle my kids back and forth to their activities.  I started this DIY Home Decor, Party Planning, and Lifestyle blog to replace some of my income and as a way to actively be creative, while being home for my family.

Are you ready to follow along with me?  I hope so — I want us to be best friends!

Peace and Blessings,


About Me - Derby Lane Dreams




Derby Lane Dreams





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