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Welcome — I’m so glad you are here!

About – I’m Jen, the creator of Derby Lane Dreams, a blog about finding great home decor deals, healthy living, and the crazy ups and downs of our 1989 farmhouse renovations.

Contact me:

About Derby Lane Dreams, Welcome Page, About Me

I help mom’s like you to:

  • create easy crafts and DIY home decor
  • find trending and popular holiday gift ideas
  • be successful in your healthy living, keto diet, and weight loss endeavors
  • get the best, easy recipes for your busy weeknight meals
  • I create free calendars, seasonal wall art, craft ideas, and planners for you to download and print
  • and provide a few easy tips and ideas for saving money.


How this blog came to be:

I am a mom of three children (and 2 fur babies), wife to Jon, and a Registered Nurse with specialties in Labor and Delivery and in Case Management (acute and chronic illnesses). 

I have always worked full-time, until recently, and feel blessed to be able to stay home and shuttle my kids back and forth to school and to their daily activities. 

And, at this particular point in my life, I also care for my mother.  My father was sick and bedridden for a long time until he passed away.  Now, I try and spend time with my mom and take the kids to see her as much as possible.  It’s a difficult stage of life when you are responsible for your young children and your aging parents. However, with daily prayer, stress-relief techniques, and the love of family and friends I’ve found you can get through most anything.  It’s all about perspective and coping skills.  : )

I started this blog to replace some of my income and as a way to actively be creative, while also having flexibility for my family and my other responsibilities.

Are you ready to follow along with me? 

I hope so — I want us to be friends!

Peace and Blessings!

About Jen and Derby Lane Dreams, Welcome xoxo Jen

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