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Best Nurses Week Gifts

There is no other profession that cares as much as Nursing.

So, make sure you pick the Best Nurses Week Gifts for your favorite Nurse.

Whether you are a nursing student, CNA, LPN, RN, Nurse Practitioner, and the list goes on.

Nurses choose the hard course of long hours, no bathroom breaks and constantly standing on their feet.

But, we choose the field of nursing because we care.

We want and need to take care of others.

It is our calling in life to be there when precious newborns take their first breath.

And, we are at the bedside when patients, friends, and loved ones take their last breath.

We get paid very little for all the time we are away from our homes and families.

However, we do not complain.

Additionally, we know we would do it all over again.

To help others in their time of pain, suffering, and/or loss.

I vividly remember my time spent in nursing school — impossibly hard exams, extremely detailed care plans, and constant fear.

Fear that I wouldn’t be good enough.

Fortunately, I made it through, with my school mates, peers, and friends.

We became a very tightly knit bunch, and we leaned on each other.

And, I would do it all again.


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