Festive Fall Harvest Home Decor Ideas DIY Derby Lane Dreams

Festive Fall Harvest Home Decor

Festive Fall Harvest Home Decor Oh, how I love fall. The weather starts to get cooler, the air is crisper, and everything seems a bit cozier. That’s when I know it’s time to bring out the fall decor and the pumpkin spice candles! To make the shift of the season, I like to introduce rich, […] Read more…

Keto Diet and recipes for weight loss

Keto Diet and Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss

Keto Diet and Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss Jenn the RN, here again, to give you more information about the keto diet for rapid weight loss.  Additionally, I’m providing a sample 7-day meal plan, several quick, delicious recipes, keto-friendly restaurant choices, and extra tips and ideas for successfully losing weight and maintaining health. *Blanket Statement: It’s […] Read more…

Summer Fun: DIY Picnic Table

Summer Fun — Making a Picnic Table Do you love spending time outside with your family and friends?  Me, too!  And, one of my favorite things to do is to have a picnic under the shade trees with my kiddos.  Last year we built an outdoor Fort (hideout, tree house, jungle gym) for the kids […] Read more…

10 fast and easy ways to save money

10 Easy Ways to Save Money

Anyone Can Save Money — Starting Today! Saving money can be very challenging.  But anyone can turn their financial life around.  I’ve had to take charge of my bank accounts and spending habits on several different occasions.  The biggest one being when I was a single mom.  Back then I had the usual monthly expenses, and […] Read more…


Fine Art for Your Home: A Friday Giveaway!

IT’S A FRIDAY GIVEAWAY! Hi friends!  We have a Winner!  Check Below! Friday Giveaway… How fun was that giveaway?!  Last Friday Beverly Gurganus and I launched a giveaway for an 11″ x 14″ print of your choice from the Botanicals Going Green collection.  The giveaway expired Thursday, July 26th at 9 pm EST, and it is […] Read more…

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