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Women’s Health: Simple Ways to Live Better

Simple Ways to Live Better When it comes to women’s health and creating a healthy lifestyle, some recommendations are fairly simple.  Like, exercising regularly and eating right.  However, many don’t know how much exercise they should get or which foods are the best choices.  And, they may not realize there are other ways to care […] Read more…

Classic Holiday Courses

Classic Holiday Courses the Family Will Love

Satisfy your guests with timeless favorites When the holidays come around and you’re looking for a menu to please your guests, stick to time-honored classics for your Holiday Courses to ensure everyone goes home happy. For a spread that’s sure to shine, start with a Baked Honey Ham complemented by simple White Wine Glazed Carrots […] Read more…

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Well, hello there, friend!  I’m so glad you stopped by.  Today, I’m sharing with you a few ways that I decorate my home all red and green and cozy for the holidays, while maintaining a budget.  You, too, can keep holiday spending under control with these innovative and easy holiday decorating ideas that spread joy […] Read more…

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17 Tips for an Effortless Thanksgiving Day

  17 Tips for an Effortless Thanksgiving Day Did I say “Effortless?”  Since Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching, I thought I would share some tips to help you have a less-stressful, less anxiety-filled Thanksgiving.  : ) Plan Ahead – Sit down and really think about everything you are going to need, what time you are […] Read more…

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