10 fast and easy ways to save money

10 Easy Ways to Save Money

Anyone Can Save Money — Starting Today! Saving money can be very challenging.  But anyone can turn their financial life around.  I’ve had to take charge of my bank accounts and spending habits on several different occasions.  The biggest one being when I was a single mom.  Back then I had the usual monthly expenses, and […] Read more…


The Newest and Most Popular Pet Products

FOR THE MOST LOVED PETS! Some people love their pets as much as they love their children. And, others love their pets even more!  So, for the most obsessed pet owners, only the BEST accessories, grooming products, and toys will do. Below, are my sweet babies, Ash, Holly, and Bandit. Pet owners know the joy […] Read more…

Beach Trip Wardrobe and Packing List

Ultimate Beach Trip Wardrobe and Packing List

 BEACH TRIP ADVENTURES! I don’t know about you, but as soon as it turns March 1, I start searching for a beautiful, sandy beach somewhere. Anywhere!  If you’re headed on a beach adventure for Spring Break or this summer, I’ve put together an easy Beach Trip Packing List so that you can focus on your […] Read more…

Sweet Valentine's Recipes You Will Love to Share

Sweet Valentine’s Recipes You Will LOVE to Share

Valentine’s Treats and Recipes they will Love It’s January and we are getting closer to a most beloved of holidays — Valentine’s Day!  This day is usually filled with thoughtful cards, delicious chocolates, and aromatic bouquets of roses, all aptly delivered by your “Honey” in the name of love.  Here’s a fun fact you may […] Read more…

Thanksgiving Day Hosting and Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Day Hosting and Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Day Planning, Hosting, and Decorating Ideas Planning and prepping for a special holiday dinner can be overwhelming.  Especially, Thanksgiving day. At our house, we have the same, traditional (and delicious!) meal every year.  But, there is always LOTS to do before the big, turkey day arrives. These Thanksgiving Day planning, hosting, and decorating ideas […] Read more…

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