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This is where you will find remote nurse jobs, remote nurse resources, how to find the best job, how to apply, etc.

We all understand the typical nursing roles, but over the last several years, a growing opportunity has emerged for registered nurses to perform their skills in a new area – their home!

Many factors influence the growing need for remote nursing career options. Including, the advancement of healthcare technology and shifts in cultural demands.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have allowed patient information to become accessible from any place on earth. Rather than being tied to a specific location with paper charts, healthcare professionals can log in to a secure portal and view documents online. This allows for more flexibility with time and travel.

Also, there is an evolving need for services beyond the hospital. Eventually, patients return home and the need for continued care emerges. Nurses work in these roles, many of which are not location-dependent, to support this continuous cycle of healthcare.

As the population grows, there is a higher demand for remote work and telehealth services. This is to decrease barriers to care for the elderly and low-income patients. Additionally, it serves to meet the growing expectation of continuous service. The advanced education and learned skills offered by nurses serve as the perfect fit for these remote nurse jobs.

For nurses, flexibility and work-life balance are big influencing factors in their career decisions. For aging nurses, the chance to work from home can allow them to participate in the workforce long after their body has had enough of bedside nursing.