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Visit the Shops is where you will find the links to my Amazon Storefront, my Etsy Shop, and also my LTK shop, where you can shop all of my favorite products!

My Amazon Storefront is one of the subcategories under Visit the Shops that shows you all of my favorite thing on Amazon. From fashion, makeup, shoes, and clothing to home gadgets, jewelry, gift guides, and more.

Additionally, another Visit the Shops site is my LTK shop. LTK (Like to Know it)  is an app where influencers can provide links to the products they’re wearing for their followers.

On the home page, you can search for specific accounts, products, or styles – or you can just scroll through recommended photos and accounts to follow. You can also head to the “Discover” page second from the right on the bottom tab, where you can find new looks and product categories.

If you’ve found a product or post you like, you can tap the heart icon next to it to add it to your favorites. This is an especially good move if you want to wait to buy something or want to keep track of how its price changes.

If you’re ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a product, you can scroll down to the “Shop the Pic” section. Tap the photo of the specific item you’d like to purchase, then tap “Shop Now.” This will guide you to the site where you can purchase the item for yourself.

Last, the last subcategory under “Visit the Shops” is my Etsy shop, where you can purchase a number of beautifully created and unique printables.