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Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

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Christmas Decor and Holiday Decorating

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about decorating your home for the holidays.

Plus, trying to save money to buy all those upcoming Christmas gifts for your family.

Today, I’m giving you several bargain tips and cost-effective holiday decorating ideas for your home for the holidays.

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Christmas Trees

So, of course, the best Christmas tree option is always a FREE Christmas tree.

This can either be from cutting down a tree on your property or getting a faux hand-me-down from your parents or neighbors.

Also, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales usually include lots of great artificial trees that are at least half off.

Additionally, I find that after-Christmas deals are usually plentiful.

So, here are some great online stores to check out:

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

This is my 7-foot pencil tree in the kitchen/den. The kids decorate this one.

Consignment Stores for Holiday Decor

Consignment stores are good places to find low-cost holiday items.

And, they usually group all their seasonal stuff together and display it near the front of the store.

Additionally, check back every few days as they will continue to lower prices.

There is a wonderful consignment store near my house.

Apparently, lots of people that sell their home items do so pretty frequently.

So, as they tire of last years’ decor, I find it’s the perfect time to shop!

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

From the photo above, these are my finds…

  • $2.00 flea market stool

  • tree slabs from my backyard

  • copy paper wrapping

  • leftover project ribbon as tree garland

  • white spraypainted ball ornaments

Where to Buy Affordable Tree Decorations

One of the best places to buy affordable tree ornaments and decorations is Kirklands Home Decor. 

They always have great sales, coupons you can use, and a rewards program with points that add up quickly.

In the same way, Target is a big contender in the ornament department.

They carry a huge variety of ornaments and they are always reasonably priced.

Target also has an awesome “dollar spot” that usually includes ornaments, signs, garland, etc.

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Most of my tree ornaments, stockings, and the little tree came from Target.

Ornament Tips and Holiday Decor Ideas

  • Use rolls of pretty, wide ribbon around your tree as garland.

  • Also, pick-up packs of the faux snowballs at the Target dollar spot and make your own garland using the snowballs and string.

  • You can buy large packs of colored ball ornaments at Target or Walmart for $10 or less.

  • Make your own.  There are hundreds of ideas and tutorials on Pinterest about making your own holiday decorations.

  • I really love all the rustic, wooden ornaments!

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a BudgetBranches in the basket from my yard. Scarf & stockings from Target.

Use Holiday Decor You Already Have 

Before you head out to any store, pay a visit to the attic, basement, or storage building.

Make a list of everything that you already have.

There are lots of things you can re-use from year to year.

Namely, tree garland, ornaments, tree skirts, wreaths, strings of lights, and of course, your (faux) Christmas tree.

If you are lucky enough to get a real tree each year, sometimes you can find tree farms that are running specials.

Even Home Depot has certain days when they will discount their real trees.

Simply adding in a few affordable and new, festive touches and changing around the location of items makes everything look fresh.

I have so many cute ornaments, made from paper or clay, that my children have given me over the years.

As you know, these are the most special ornaments of all!

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

DIY sign, tray, and wood slab under mug.  Most items from Target and Kirklands.

Christmas Wall Art Home Decor

Another way to decorate for Christmas is by using pretty holiday art printables.

Go on Pinterest, type in “Christmas wall art,”  print out on your home printer, put in a pretty frame, and either hang it on your wall or display on bookshelves, etc.

Additionally, you can buy some small, plastic frames or use mason jar lids and make some cute tree ornaments.

Just find the holiday prints that you love, decrease the print size on your printer, and copy several small prints on one page.

Use antlers in your holiday decor for a more rustic look.

Bring the Outdoors Inside for Decorating 

Get out and enjoy nature!  Pick up lots of pine cones and use them in arrangements.

Another idea would be to paint them, add faux snow or glitter, and make ornaments or woodland animals out of them.

Additionally, you can display dried sticks and branches in containers (olive bucket, pitcher, vase).

You can add berries from your yard, and even tie a pretty bow around the container for a festive touch.

In the same way, you can use small pinecones, greenery, and berries to decorate your packages.

This looks especially pretty on plain, brown or white paper, and tied with twine.

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

DIY wood crate, twine-wrapped empty box, olive bucket with branches, berries, and greenery.

Create a Masterpiece and use as Christmas Decorations

If you are a frequent DIYer, you can use scrap wood to make all kinds of things.

For instance, you could make a wooden Christmas tree or wood blockhouses.

And, you can make signs from planks, paint them, and write a Christmas saying across the front.

I make signs out of scrap wood for every season that comes and goes.

They are free, and they actually look really pretty and rustic.

DIY Necessities:

Silhouette Cameo 3, Canon Pixma All-in-One Printer

The home printers on start at $29, and the ink refills are very affordable too.

I have a Canon Pixma printer that I’ve had for a few years and I think it cost around $49.00.

I also buy the bargain-brand ink refill tanks on and they work great and cost very little.

I bought my Silhouette Cameo 3, bluetooth, for around $199.00 and I bought a vinyl bundle starter kit.

These machines are remarkable, and once you start using one, you won’t stop. : )

If you ever want to be a DIY crafter, a Home All-in-One Printer and a Silhouette Cameo are my ultimate essentials.

No joke.  I use my printer every single day for printing, photo projects, cardstock crafts, etc.

I use my Silhouette Cameo for all of my signs, vinyl crafts, t-shirts, they can even cut plastic and thin metal!

They are amazing, and so very handy!

Both of these are also perfect for making tons of cute but budget-friendly Teacher’s Christmas Gifts, neighbor and friend’s gifts, grandparents’ gifts, etc.

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

DIY white wood backdrop and Joy to the World wood sign

Shop After-Christmas Sales for Holiday bargains 

One of the big things I try to do each year is to get up early, right after Christmas Day, and head to my favorite stores for bargains and clearance items.

Some awesome places to shop for after-Christmas holiday decorations are:

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Target and Pier 1 After-Christmas sales

Display Your Collections as Holiday Home Decor

I have been collecting Byer’s Carolers for many years, and I display them as Christmas decor every year.

I place them on bookcases, end tables, coffee tables, and the kitchen counter.

What are some of your collections?

Some of my carolers do not look Christmas-y at all.

In that case, I cut a piece of red or green ribbon and tie a bow around the figurine.

Sometimes that’s all you need for those pops of festive red!

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Part of my Byer’s Carolers collection

Dollar Store and Target $1 bins for Christmas Decorating Ideas

The Dollar Store has so many things you can use for DIY decor.

I like to buy branch wreaths, floral wire, ribbon, mirrors, frames, books (for staging), fuzzy socks, gift bags, and gift wrap from there.

At Target, they have $1-$5 bins of seasonal items all of the time.

I buy seasonal scarves, plates, mugs, greenery, etc., from there.

They usually have a great selection of all kinds of things for kids and grown-ups.

And, now Target has the Hearth and Hand collection by Joanna Gaines.

This line has so many beautiful, farmhouse style holiday items that are $20.00 or less!

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

*Target Hearth and Hand stockings and some of the white houses.

Use Food for Decoration

Not only is making a gingerbread house fun for the kids, but it’s also a cute and easy way to have a holiday centerpiece that the kids made for your kitchen table.

And, the kids will love that you used their creation for decorating the house.

Also, decorate with food by making easy salt dough ornaments, gingerbread man cookies, popcorn garland, or even hanging candy canes on your tree.

And, some people like to bake cookies on Christmas Eve, hang the cookies on the tree, and eat them the next morning.

I remember making popcorn garland and putting candy canes on our tree when I was little.

Remember, there are tons of ideas for making all of these on Pinterest.

Reuse, Recycle, Re-Love!

The best and easiest thing to do is to reuse, recycle, and re-love what you already have.

Obviously, this is best for your wallet and for the environment.

Other people are not going to remember the details of last year’s decor.

And, there’s no need to break the bank to decorate your house for the holidays.

So, try a few of these tips to curb spending and keep your money in your wallet.

I would LOVE to hear your frugal decorating ideas!

What about DIY gift ideas?  What are your favorites?

Comment below and tell me your favorite DIY holiday decorations!

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Michelle Shugart

Thursday 29th of November 2018

So much great info and as usual, your decorations are beautiful!!

Jen | Derby Lane Dreams

Thursday 6th of December 2018

Hi Michelle! You are so kind - thank you!!! Happy Holidays to You!


Thursday 29th of November 2018

So many great ideas, Jennifer!

Jen | Derby Lane Dreams

Thursday 6th of December 2018

Hi Beverly! Thank you so much, sweet friend! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!