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So it all started with my foyer.  My bland, desolate space is as empty as the black hole. Now, if your husband is like mine he thinks empty is good, and there is no need to decorate and clutter-up the house.  My husband is fine with every wall in the house looking like this…

IMG_2966 I mean, stuff costs money, and we don’t really need any stuff on the walls, on shelves, or in the floor, right?…   WHAT!!!???!!!  Um, I’m sorry, but beautiful decor makes a house feel like a home, and I am going to decorate this place if it kills me!  Yes, on a budget.  Yes, I will get your approval before I go making holes everywhere and putting stuff up on the walls….  maybe…

Like most women, I LOVE Pottery Barn.  I love everything they have on-line and in those beautiful little books they send me in the mail.  If money wasn’t an issue, everything in my house would probably be from Pottery Barn.  However, a lot of their things are a little pricier than I can afford, so I am always trying to figure out how to get the next best thing.  In this case, it’s a mirror.  A PB Brinkley Mirror.  So gorgeous, so beautiful, so perfect…. but out of my reach.  So, I did what I often do, and that is, search the web and Pinterest for some ideas on how to make one.  I pulled up some great stuff on how to make the Brinkley mirror from  Here is what you will need to buy to make your own beautiful mirror:  Several packs of 12 inch x 12 inch beveled mirrors (Target, The Home Depot), a piece of plywood or other thick board that is not too flimsy, Loctite Power Grab adhesive to bond the mirrors to the wood, caulk gun, black paint and brush for edges of wood, and large, heavy duty picture hanging hardware.


Once you have your mirrors, you should decide exactly how big you want your mirror to be for your space.  I needed something large in the open foyer, so I decided on 4 mirrors across and 5 mirrors down.  Each individual beveled mirror is 12 inches x 12 inches, so my mirror is 48 inches wide, and 60 inches high.  I wanted my plywood to be slightly shorter than the mirrors all the way around so there wouldn’t be a chance of the wood sticking out.  If you don’t have anyone to help you with the plywood, I would go to The Home Depot or Lowe’s and have them cut a piece of plywood to your specifications (as I did). : )  They are also nice enough to load it into the car/truck for you.


I marked off how the mirrors should be placed for the width and height on the plywood.  Then I took some black paint I had lying around and painted around the edges of the plywood in case you can see the backing of the mirror from the side once it is on the wall.


Next, I put the Power Grab into the caulk gun and put some adhesive on the back side of each mirror.  Once you place the mirror on the wood, you have about five seconds before it becomes permanently stuck.


Once you have all your mirrors placed exactly where you want them, let the adhesive sit and harden overnight.  That way there is no risk of the mirrors falling off once the mirror is hung on the wall.IMG_3026Finally, you want to use some heavy-duty picture hanging hardware from your favorite hardware store to attach to the back of your mirror.  Also, make sure you put your nails or screws into the wood studs of the wall if at all possible, to give your mirror more stability.



Pretty great, right?  I LOVE it!  This mirror cost me approximately $150.00 to make.  I am now planning on making two smaller mirrors to go on either side of my dining room mirror.  Once you have all your supplies together it takes about an hour to make the mirror.  Then, let sit overnight.  And….    Beautiful!  So quick and so easy!  When are you making your mirror?

This is the Pottery Barn Eagan multipanel large mirror.  Price $699.00 plus $30.00 freight fee.  I think they look similar (square, beveled mirrors), and mine is MUCH cheaper!  : )



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