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DIY: Making a Mudroom with Board and Batten

DIY: Making a Mudroom with Board and Batten

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DIY: Making a Mudroom with Board and Batten

DIY: Making a Mudroom with Board and Batten


This post is all about DIY: Making a Mudroom with Board and Batten, and on a budget.


DIY Project: Making a Mudroom

Today, I am going to show you how I changed a beat-up junk room into a pretty, functional, and organized mudroom for my family.




From Utility Room/Junk Room to DIY Mudroom

When you first walk into the house there is a small utility/laundry room on the left.

There is a place for a washer and dryer hook-up, a wall cabinet ironing board, a sink, and a tiled floor.

When we moved into the house, there were several holes in the wall in this room (curious). 

So, we placed a piece of board over the holes and went about our business.



Taken Over by Shoes!

Eventually, this room was consumed with shoes and they were piling up everywhere.

Also, this is where the kids put all their school bags, supplies, coats and jackets, homework folders, etc.

And, since it is currently the summer, I decided to transform this room into an organized, efficient mudroom.






Materials List from Amazon for DIY Mudroom:



Eek! The DIY Mudroom “before” Photos

As much as I hate to show you, here are some of the “before” pics:

(*Notice me in the first pic – pretending to know what I’m doing… LOL!)




Repairing the Holes in Laundry Room

I removed the ironing board and cabinet from the wall, leaving a giant hole.

And, there were already a few other holes around the room.

So, the first thing I did was repair the holes using drywall, drywall putty, and paint.



Adding Cheap Board and Batten to the DIY Mudroom

For the main wall that will have the board and batten, I covered the finished wall with a piece of white beadboard. 

Next, I measured my planks, cut to the correct length, and attached to the wall using wood glue on the back of the boards and a few nails here and there to make sure the boards stay attached.

Once the boards and beadboard were in place and attached, I caulked around the edges of everything, sanded over all of it, and painted all the wood with flat white paint.






Painting the Walls of Room

At this point, I also measured where my corbels would go.

I painted the corbels and the shelf and set them aside to dry.

Also, I decided that I really disliked the current paint color.

So, I painted all of the walls and the ceiling with flat, white paint.

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Gray Walls in the DIY Mudroom

I have wanted to paint my walls a light gray color, so I did a lot of research into finding a neutral gray that would go with most anything.

I decided on Sherwin Williams, Agreeable Gray. Love it! 

Also, I went with flat paint, because if I ever need to do touch-up painting, it is easy to cover and it doesn’t leave brush marks.  

Once the walls were finished, I decided to whitewash the cabinets with a mixture of 30% chalk paint (white) and 70% water.  

In the same way, I sloshed the solution onto the cabinets and wiped part of it off with a cloth.  

This helped to make the cabinets blend in better with the new wall color.  

(Side Note: My husband did not like me painting the cabinets).

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Putting the DIY Mudroom Together

Now it was time to lay the shelf board on top of the corbels and attach the black hanger hardware.

Meanwhile, I had been putting together the new white storage bench, the white chest of drawers, and the white cubbies.

These are all part of the plan to organize this space and help with clutter control.

Finally, here are some photos of the room once it was finished.

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And now, I have added a little greenery and decor.



Completed DIY Mudroom with Board and Batten

I know, photo OVERLOAD! 

Sorry — I like it so much!

And, the kids already love it too!

Now, I just wonder how long this “organization” will last…



Over to You

Tag, you’re it!

What DIY projects have you completed?

What’s your favorite paint color to use?

And, what is your favorite tool?

Check out the DIY Network for more great DIY projects.




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