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    Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

    Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

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    Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas, Party Planner and Checklist

    Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

    Throw a Fortnite Birthday Bash to be remembered with these cost-cutting ideas!



    Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

    Want to throw your kid an awesome Fortnite birthday party without breaking the bank? 

    Well, I’ve got you covered!

    I’ve thrown the BEST Fortnite Birthday Party on a Budget and I’m sharing all the deets!

    Here are some great tips for sticking to a budget at your next Fortnite birthday bash!


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    Get your Free Fortnite Party Planner and Checklist right here!

    Party planning takes time, creativity, and the ability to stay organized.

    Unless it’s a small gathering for family and friends, planning a party is a structured process with defined steps.

    Follow this checklist to make sure you don’t skip any important steps.

    Like, getting enough food for everyone (hint: starving guests do not a fun party make). 



    Fortnite Party Planner and Checklist

    Fortnite Birthday Party Planner and Checklist







    Fortnite Birthday Party Invitations for Free!


    My suggestion is to either create your own birthday invitation or use has lots of free invitations you can customize and email to your friends.

    You can also use or, to make your invitations.  

    Both of these have free design applications you can use.

    Create your own party invitation with all of your information.

    Next, make a screenshot of your invitation (on a Mac, you hit command, shift, 4).

    Finally, text it or email it to all of your birthday party guests.


    HINT:  Send out a Reminder Invite a few days before your party.


    Below is an example party invitation that you can create. 

    I made this one using PicMonkey and included all the birthday party details.



    Sample Invitation to Text or Email

    Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas Party Planner and Checklist 



    One Day before your Fortnite Party:


    • Prepare the venue:  Arrange the furniture, make sure the sound equipment is working, and put up your party decorations.

    • Buy perishables: Stock up on last-minute perishables like fruit, ice, and so on.

    • Check and Double-check: If you can, do a run-through of the day with your family to make sure everyone knows exactly what to do during the party.



    The Day of your Fortnite Party:

    Setup: Set the tables, put out the welcome drinks, do a final sound check, and take care of getting all the last-minute things in place.

    Catering: Let in the catering crew and make sure they have all they need to start preparing and serving food.

    Door management: Make sure you have signs pointing the way to the party (like “Head to the Backyard for Fortnite Battles!”)

    Photo & video: Have a family member or two document the party by taking photos and capturing memorable videos to share with guests afterward.



    16 Tips for an Amazing Fortnite Party!


    1. Timing is everything.  If possible, plan your party from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

    After lunch and before dinner is the best time to party, when guests don’t expect a full meal.

    This can save a lot of money on food, drinks, and paper products.



    2. Stretch your planning.  Start supply-hunting early; it’ll give you time to comparison shop.

    Plus, you’ll save yourself from running out at the last minute to buy overpriced things you’ve forgotten.

    Some excellent places to look are The Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Walmart, Target dollar spot, etc.

    Also, I usually start planning a few months in advance, because I know I will be making a lot of the party favors.



    3. Go digital.  Like I showed you above, send your guests a free electronic invitation or a text invite.

    You’ll save what you’d normally spend on paper invites and postage.



    4. Double up.  If your kid’s birthday falls close to a buddy’s, or a sibling, consider a dual party.

    You and the other child’s parents can split the cost—and responsibilities.

    This is what we do every year to help cut costs.  My boys’ birthdays are a couple of weeks apart.

    Since they are close in age and boys, they pretty much like the same things.

    On their actual birthdays, we do a cake and one or two gifts for them.


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    5. Avoid party-store traps.  Don’t pay a markup for party-store items that you could find elsewhere for less.

    For example, chocolates may be sold five for $1 (20 cents each) at party shops, but a bag of minis from a big-box store can be half as much.

    The Dollar Tree and Dollar General are great places to buy birthday supplies.



    6. Tap your network.  Be sure to ask your friends, family, and neighbors if you can borrow anything that relates to your party theme.

    So, for a Fortnite Party, examples would be:  camouflage clothing, netting, hats, play guns, nerf guns and darts, dart boards and targets, etc.

    You can also ask to borrow any large containers for putting ice and canned drinks into.

    This is the perfect time to get really creative!



    7. Opt-out. When kids are still little, consider skipping a traditional birthday party altogether.

    Spend the day together doing something fun, go to a movie, and get ice cream afterward.



    8. Make themed favors.  This is my favorite part of party planning!

    Go on Pinterest, type in your party theme, like Fortnite Party, and see what comes up.

    There are literally thousands of great ideas for making your own party favors!


    ***Go to Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas and DIY Decorations and see how easy it is to DIY!



    9. Order online. Prices aren’t always better if you shop online, but hitting the Web for your favors and decorations may help you avoid impulse purchases.

    Here are a few good sites for discount party supplies: 



    10. Make a semi-homemade cake.  You can always use an inexpensive box mix for making a cake then frost the cake with buttercream icing.

    When you are short on time, I have ordered a plain sheet cake from Publix, and asked them to decorate the top with “green grass.”

    Then, all you have to do is either order a themed cake topper or make your own! 

    For my son, Eli’s, birthday cake I ordered a small, green cake, and I printed out several Fortnite-themed items.

    Also, I took wood skewers, toothpicks, and tape and attached the pictures to them.

    I think it turned out pretty cute!  He loved it, and thought that Publix had decorated it!


    Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas Party Planner and Checklist




    This is Sam’s cake on his actual birthday.  Publix made a camouflage, gun-site with dog tags sheet cake.

    Then, I placed the cake on a rustic handmade tray.  Next, I added several “v-bucks” and some Fortnite items around the cake.

    Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas Party Planner and Checklist




    This is the cake we had at their joint Fortnite Birthday Party.  Publix made a sheet cake with green “grass” all over it.  

    I placed the cake topper that I ordered from Amazon, and we put candles all around the edges of the cake.

    Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas Party Planner and Checklist



    So, there you have three different Fortnite-themed cake ideas!  Super easy!



    11. Dress up humble supplies. Use what you have on hand to make plain party supplies feel special.

    I used a cardboard box and colored tissue paper to make an amazing looking Fortnite Loot Llama Pinata!

    I used plastic nunchucks and toilet paper to make fantastic-looking Fortnite Pickaxes!

    Cheap, dollar store blue bags became awesome “Drop” gift bags when attached to yellow balloons!

    Paper towel rolls became Fortnite medical bandages!

    Black foam board became super cool Fortnite Map Location Signs!

    (and many more DIY ideas)



    12. Price out the party places. Not up for hosting at your house? It may be more cost- and time-effective to let a venue do the work.

    There are lots of “jumpy house” places, trampoline centers, laser tag/bowling rinks, etc., that may cost less per person than doing all the planning and work yourself.

    Check online and in your local newspaper for any coupons and birthday party specials that may be happening near you.



    13. Upcycle party favors.  Don’t like goody bags?  There have been times that I gave each party guest a colored balloon tied around a large bubble wand with bubbles.

    The kids were ecstatic!  They don’t care how much you spend, they just like getting “something” to go home with.

    For Fortnite “drop” bags there are so many things you can add to their bags for cheap:

    1. plastic military men

    2. parachute throwers

    3. plastic water guns or pretend guns

    4. free printable bookmarks and stickers

    5. buy a pack of cheap, white t-shirts and have each guest create their own Fortnite savage shirt!

    6. plastic sunglasses that they can use as eye goggles when playing nerf wars

    7. bubbles are always a huge hit

    8. packs of gum and snack size candy bars

    9. dog-tags

    10. military hats

    11. matchbox cars



    14. Elevate the everyday. Take advantage of kids’ vivid imaginations. 

    For example, have a treasure hunt for “gold” (spray-painted rocks) that the kids can take home as favors.

    Or, go on a geo-caching exploration around your back yard.



    15. Streamline the swag bag.  Party favors are usually sold in sets.  Along with stickers, tattoos, balls, military men, balloons, etc.

    You can divide them up for affordable party favors that are way better than your average birthday goody bag.



    16. Embrace no-cost activities.  Be prepared with a few free activities like these classic games you can play for next to nothing:

    • Jumbo ring toss and corn hole

    • Water Balloons

    • Dodge Ball

    • Nerf gun wars

    • Three-Legged Race

    • Fortnite Battle Royale – Outdoor Version!

    • Hit the Loot Llama Pinata!

    • Limbo

    • Treasure hunt

    • See who can do the best Fortnite Flossing to music!



    Party On!


    Hopefully, these ideas will be helpful in helping you to create the Best Fortnite Birthday Party on a Budget!  

    Using the Party Planner and Party Checklist will help you stay organized and complete your tasks on-time.

    Comment below and let me know if you have any questions, or if you’ve got some tips to add to my list!




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