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Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas and DIY Decorations

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Armed with this Fortnite-themed video game inspiration, you’re ready to go forth and unlock the ultimate birthday bash! Consider some of these amazing ideas at your next party, hosting Battle Pass. It’s Game On!

Fortnite Loot Llama pinata.
Fortnite Video Game party favors.
Fortnite Loot Drop Gift Bags with Yellow V Balloons.

Best Fortnite Party Ideas, Supplies, & Decorations

This post is all about:

  • Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas
  • DIY Decorations
  • Fortnite Party Supplies
  • Fortnite Drop Goody Bags for guests
  • Lots of loot and party favors for your friends
  • and fun Games, like playing Fortnite Battle Royale and Nerf Gun Wars outside.
Location Signs.
Fortnite party printables and photo booth props.
Battle Royale at the Fort.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an apocalyptic survival video game that pits players against 99 others in a fight for survival. 

Today, I’m giving you some of the Best Fortnite Birthday Party inspiration on the Internet.

Below, I have listed all the Fortnite Party Supplies you will need for YOUR Fortnite-themed party!

Fortnite Video Game Party Printables Bundle

Fortnite Video Gamer Party Printables.
Fortnite Video Gamer.
Fortnite Party Printables.

Fortnite-themed Party Printables – You Get All These PDFs:

Below are all of the party favor ideas and party printables for your Fortnite party, video game party, etc.

  • Fortnite-themed Party Planner
  • Party Checklist
  • Party Invitations
  • Thank You Cards
  • Fortnite V-Bucks coins
  • V-Bucks snack bag toppers
  • Chug-Jug Labels (for soda cans)
  • Fortnite Backdrop Letters (FORTNITE)
  • Loot Llama Pinata Template (DIY)
  • Fortnite Pickaxe Template (DIY)
  • Fortnite bandages (to wrap around paper towels)
  • Photo Booth Props (tape to wooden skewers)
  • Fortnite-themed Bookmarks (put in Loot drop bags)
  • Drop Favor Bags – Decor for Front Panel and guest names (for gift bags)

You get 53+ PDF pages of cool printables for your video gamer party — it’s going to be EPIC!

Get all the FORTNITE PRINTABLES for $10

Fortnite Video Gamer Cover.


Fortnite Video Game Battle Royale.

Preparing for Battle

Our Fortnite-themed birthday party was a HUGE success, and I want yours to be as well.

So, I’ve done all the researching for you and have the easiest ways to make your party GREAT!

If you need other Fortnite party supplies, make sure you use Amazon Prime for quick 1-day and 2-day delivery.

  that you can start using today!

Fortnite chug jugs and photo booth props.
Fortnite Photo Booth Props.
Fortnite Video Game birthday cake decorations.

Fortnite/Nerf Wars Bunker Inflatables:

Battle anywhere, transform your surroundings into a real life NERF battlefield with these inflatable BUNKRs and covers!

Ideal for NERF parties, dart blaster play, laser tag, dart arrow tag and water blasters. Are you ready?

Fortnite/Nerf Wars Inflatables.
Fortnite Inflatables.
Inflatable Battle Barrels.

Fortnite/Nerf Wars Party Supplies Pack

PARTY SUPPLIES KIT: Keep the items ready for kids when they arrive.

They play with them during the party & double up as favors at the end of the party!

Fortnite/Nerf Wars Party Packs.
Fortnite Tactical Vest Kits.
Fortnite Party Kits.

Fortnite/Video Gamer Birthday Party Supplies Sets

These sets are basically a PARTY IN A BOX — Most sets include banner, table cover, cups, plates, balloon, ribbons,

forks, knives, spoons, straws, cutlery bag, napkins.

Birthday Day Supplies Party In A Box Kit.
Birthday party supplies.
Happy Birthday Party sets.

Fortnite Video Gamer Gift Bags/Boxes

Use bags or boxes as gift bags to give your party guests to carry stickers, treats, assorted toys, bracelets, button pins,

candy and more. These can also be used as gaming mystery boxes where you can put different surprises!

It’s the perfect gift bags/loot boxes for kids and their game on party supplies.

Drop box and gift bags.
Supply drop box.
Loot box.

Fortnite Loot Llama Pinata

Loot Llama Pinata – Take the Loot and make your party the hit of the year!

Jumpstart the action with some Fortnite-inspired fun. Supply Llama looks like it wandered straight out of the game and into your party!

Fill a Loot Llama pinata with loads of favors and candy and let your party squad fill up their reserves with the loot.

Loot llama pinata.
Loot llama pinata.
Loot Llama pinata.

Fortnite Backdrop Supplies

Camouflage Netting and Blinds

Set the scene with these covert camouflage blinds and netting.

We bought several different sizes of camouflage netting and it worked GREAT for our backdrop, tables, and outside on

the fort.

Camou netting.
Camou netting.
Camou netting.

Wood Panel for Backdrop

For the wood-look backdrop, I used self-stick wallpaper. I’ve included a few good ones below.

They have tons of colors to choose from if you want something a little different. 

Wood look backdrop.
Wood-look backdrop.
wood look planks.

Video Game Backdrop Options 

Bring the classics into real life! Each large backdrop image is high resolution, using high-tech digital designs that make the image more detailed and vibrant.

This results in photos that are more dynamic and realistic that are suitable for any occasion.

Everyone will celebrate the birthday party and get the perfect shot on Facebook, which leave the best memories.

Fortnite Backdrop.
Fortnite Battle Royale Background.
Fortnite background.

Fortnite/Video Gamer Balloon Packs

Fortnite Party Balloons and Supplies

These are balloon garlands that include a balloon strip. Easy to DIY and assemble.

Simply inflate your balloons and slip the knot into the holes on the decorating strip.

Each set comes with colors and blow up different sizes to get an amazing look for your garland.

Makes a gorgeous party backdrop decoration.

Balloon garland.
Balloon garland.
Balloon garland.

Miscellaneous items you will also need:

You will also need an electric balloon pump, huge bags of candy for filling the pinata, and an assortment of party favors

for the pinata and the gift bags.

Blow up balloons.
Assorted candy mix.
Toy filler.


Favorite Party Favors for Gift Bags

Fortnite/Gaming T-shirt

This is one of the Fortnite shirts we bought and gave to our party guests as they were coming in the door.

Including shirts as part of the “loot drop” bag was perfect! A lot of the kids put their shirts on when they first got to the

party. All the parents informed me later that their kids said our Fortnite birthday party was the best party they ever


Video Gamer T-shirt.
Fortnite Video Gamer Tshirt.
Video Gamer T-shirt.

Camouflage Metal Dog Tags

Another Fortnite favorite – these cool camouflage dog tags were such a hit at the party!

These help the kids get into character as warriors!

Camo dog tags.
camo dog tags.
camo metal dog tags.

Fortnite Pickaxe

Kids love swinging and hitting things, so this Fortnite Pickaxe will be loved!

We made ours, but if you have limited time, these are a good option.

Fortnite Pickaxe.
Fortnite pickaxe.
Fortnite Pickaxe.

Party Favors

Add some of these bracelets, bookmarks, lanyards, keychains, stickers, stamps, etc. for fun gifts in your goody bags!

Party favors.
Party favors.

Sour Blast Grenades and other Candy

Kids will LOVE these candy sour blast spray grenades and the variety of sour candy!

So much fun!

Fortnite candy grenades.

Affordable Fortnite Birthday Party Gifts!

Planning to attend a kid’s birthday party soon? 

I’ve listed several affordable Fortnite gift ideas that all kids are sure to love!




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