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Fortnite Video Game Birthday Party Printables

Fortnite Video Game Birthday Party Printables

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Best Fortnite Video Game Birthday Party supplies ever.

The Best Fortnite Video Game Birthday Party Supplies, Favors, and Printables

Are you ready to get your “Game on?

Well, if you are a video gamer, or have kids or grandkids that play video games, then you already know which video games are their favorites (probably ALL of them).

Likewise, these are the Top 5 video games with the number of overall games watched just last year:

  1. Minecraft – 201 billion
  2. Roblox – 75 billion
  3. Garena Free Fire – 72 billion
  4. Grand Theft Auto V – 70 billion
  5. Fortnite – 67 billion

Fortnite Video Game Party Supplies and Party Favors

It’s time to Drop In on all the fun!

Gather your crew for this Party Royale and prepare for an epic celebration inspired by the global video gaming sensation Fortnite.

When you use my printable Fortnite Party Bundle below, planning a Fortnite birthday party for your biggest gamer won’t be a battle.

It will all be Super Easy — I’ve done all the hard work for you!

Also, these amazing Fortnite Party Supplies and decoration tips will help you set the scene for the BEST party ever!

I thought it would be fun to show you some Fortnite party ideas since all the kids are talking about and playing Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, and other video games.

So, I’ve created and gathered up the best Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas to share with you in case your kids want an Epic Fortnite or Video Gamer party too!

My kids wanted an amazing Fortnite Video Game and Outdoor Nerf party sort-of rolled up into one.

Also, I did my best in creating a ton of Fortnite video game party printables, party invitations, photo booth props, gift bags, party favors, thank you cards, and so much more.

Fortnite birthday cake, plates, and cups.
Fortnite party favors.
Fortnite chug jugs and photo booth props.

Fortnite Video Game Party Printables Bundle

Fortnite Party Printables.
Fortnite Video Gamer Party Printables.
Fortnite Video Gamer.

Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas, Video Game Party, or Gamer Party Printables

Below are all of the party favor ideas and party printables for your Fortnite party, video game party, etc.

Fortnite-themed Party Pack PDFs:

  • Fortnite-themed Party Planner
  • Fortnite-themed Party Checklist
  • Fortnite-themed Party Invitations
  • Fortnite-themed Thank You Cards
  • Fortnite V-Bucks coins
  • Fortnite V-Bucks snack bag toppers
  • Fortnite Chug-Jug Labels (for soda cans)
  • Fortnite Backdrop Letters (FORTNITE)
  • Fortnite Loot Llama Pinata Template
  • Fortnite Pickaxe Template
  • Fortnite bandages (to wrap around paper towels)
  • Fortnite Photo Booth Props (tape to wooden skewers)
  • Fortnite Bookmarks (put in Loot drop bags)
  • Fortnite Favor Bag Decor Front Panel (for gift bags)


What Do You Get For A Fortnite Birthday Party?

These are the Fortnite items you need to get BEFORE Your Birthday Party.

Okay, you Fabulous Moms and Dads, you need to buy these items PRONTO to get started on your Epic Party printables: (click the links below for several affordable options)

All-In-One Personal Home Printer

Personal Printer Colored Ink Cartridges

White Cardstock Paper

White Printer Paper

Craft Scissors

Strong Craft Glue

Cameo Silhouette Bundle

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Epic Games Fortnite Birthday.
photo from www.

When Was Fortnite’s First Birthday?

This is a very popular question on Google so I thought I’d answer it here.

According to, Fortnite’s original birthday is on July 24, 2017.

And, as of 2020, Fortnite had made approximately $5 billion dollars.

Holy moly!

Where Are the Fortnite Birthday Cakes?

When I was preparing for my sons’ Fortnite birthday party, there weren’t many places to find anything related to Fortnite.

Here are a few products I found on Amazon for Fortnite Birthday Cakes.

Fortnite Video Game birthday cake decorations.
Fortnite Battle Royale Birthday Cake decorations.

How Do You Decorate Fortnite Birthday Cakes?

For the full-blown Epic Fortnite Party, I ordered a sheet cake from the grocery store bakery, with green grass icing all over it and the names on the side of the cake.

Next, I ordered a Fortnite edible cake topper, similar to this.

These can be customized with names when you order them on Amazon.

Once you receive the cake topper in the mail, just lay it on top of your sheet cake.

If it’s too large, just trim around the edges with scissors.

Also, add your birthday candles around the outside edges of the cake.

Fortnite Birthday Party Cake.

Fortnite Battle Royale Birthday Cake

For the Fortnite birthday cake on the right, I used a similar process.

First, I ordered a small, round cake (to feed about 8 people).

I asked the bakery to cover the cake in green grass icing and to write the name on the side.

Next, I printed off some Fortnite Battle Royale prints and numbers and taped them to wooden skewer sticks.

Additionally, I made some “V-bucks” using chocolate coins and my v-bucks printable sheet (that’s in the bundle).

Finally, I placed toothpicks in a few of the V-bucks coins and stuck them into the top of the cake.

For decoration, I placed the cake on a plate charger and surrounded the cake with more V-bucks coins.

Also, I added the #8 candle on top since there wasn’t room for 8 individual candles.

I used a lot of the Fortnite decorations and supplies that I planned to use for the boys’ joint birthday party.

What do you do at a Fortnite Birthday Party?

Fortnite Party Activities

Here are a few fun games for the kids:

1) Play Battle Royale from your Fort, trees, or treehouse.

2) Loot Llama Pinata. Have guests battle it out to see who can make the candy supply drop first.

3) Fortress and Bunker Nerf Wars – We played capture the flag with each team needing to locate the flag that the other team hid. How to Play? Separate the kids into two teams and have them all start at their base. When you say start, the kids will search for flags while at the same time shooting their opponents. If they get hit by a nerf bullet, they need to go back to their base and restart. The first team to find the hidden flag wins.

Fortnite party printables and photo booth props.
Fortnite party supplies gift bags and drop balloons.

Fortnite bandages.
Fortnite chug jugs and photo booth props.

Fortnite Party Food Ideas

Fortnite Party Food Ideas.
Fortnite Party Food Ideas, finger foods.

For party foods, I find it’s a lot easier when you serve finger foods and use disposable plates, cups, and flatware.

Here are some party food ideas:

  • Chicken fingers or chicken nuggets with dipping sauces
  • Veggies – sliced carrots, celery, tomatoes, and cauliflower with ranch dressing.
  • Chips – either small, multi-flavored bags or a large container.
  • Fruit – sliced watermelon, cantelope, pineapple, grapes, apple, etc.
  • Use your Loot Llama Pinata as party decor before the bashing begins.
  • Drinks – Tape my Chug Juice printable label around cold cans of Sprite, or you can use water bottles.


Fortnite Video Gamer Cover.

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