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Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Well, hello there, friend!  I’m so glad you stopped by.  Today, I’m sharing with you a few ways that I decorate my home all red and green and cozy for the holidays, while maintaining a budget.  You, too, can keep holiday spending under control with these innovative and easy holiday decorating ideas that spread joy and cheer.  

Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Where to Buy Affordable Tree Decorations

If you are just starting out with your very first tree, or just starting over, I do have a few recommendations.  One of the best places to buy beautiful, stylish, and affordable tree ornaments and decorations is Kirklands Home Decor.   They are always having sales, usually have coupons you can use, they have a rewards program for your purchases with points that add up quickly, and even their base price is very good.  For example, the large, fluffy looking snowflakes that are pictured were originally $7.99 each.  Then, they were on sale in the store.  And, they handed me a coupon for my total purchase when I walked-in the door.  Plus, I have Kirklands Rewards, so I got an additional $10.00 off.  So, I wound up buying six of the very large snowflakes for $3.00 each.  In the same way, Target was a big contender in the ornament department.  Their large, white resin-type snowflakes were $3.00 each.  Pretty shapes, sparkly, and they take-up a lot of space on your tree.  Perfect!  The black and white garland around the tree is actually just ribbon that I bought on a roll from   My tree took two rolls and they were $5.00 each.  Most of the red, white, and gold balls were ornaments that I have had for years.  They had large packs of different colored ball ornaments at Target, a pack of 30 for $10.00.  Not too shabby!

Use What You Already Have 

Before you head out to the craft store, pay a visit to the attic, basement, or storage building.  Take your pen and paper with you so you can make a list of everything that you already have. There are lots of things you can re-use from year to year, like tree garland, ornaments, tree skirts, wreaths, strings of lights, and of course, your (faux) Christmas tree.  If you are lucky enough to get a real tree each year, sometimes you can find tree farms that are running specials.  Even Home Depot has certain days when they will discount their real trees.  Simply adding-in a few new, festive touches and changing around the location of items makes everything look fresh.  You can also go on for hundreds of ideas on DIY ornaments and decorations.  I have so many cute ornaments, made from paper, that my children have given me over the years.  Pinterest also has several users that offer free, printable art, so you can print-out a cute sign at home and frame it for your own beautiful wall art.


Bring the Outdoors Inside 

Get out and enjoy nature!  Some good examples of bringing the outdoors in, are picking-up lots of pine cones and using them in arrangements.   Another idea would be to paint them, add faux snow or glitter, and make cute little owls and woodland animals out of them.  Additionally, I like to pick-up plain, dried branches for height and live pine tree sprays to put in my olive buckets or any type of vase.  You can add berries from your yard, and even tie a pretty bow around the container for a festive touch.  In the same way, you can use small pinecones, greenery, and berries to decorate your packages.  This looks especially pretty on plain, brown or white paper, and tied with a simple red ribbon.   If you are a frequent DIYer, you can always find and use scrap wood to make all kinds of things.  For instance, you could make a wooden Christmas tree, wood block houses, and you can make signs from old planks, paint them, and write a Christmas saying across the front.  I make signs out of scrap wood for each and every season that comes and goes.  They are free, and they actually look really pretty and rustic. 


Shop After-Christmas Sales 

One of the big things I try to do each year, is to get up early, right after Christmas Day, and head to my favorite stores for bargains and clearance items.  Some great places to shop for after-Christmas home decor are:  Target, Kirklands, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Home Depot, Home Goods, Kohl’s, and even your local consignment shops.


Display Your Collections

I have been collecting Byer’s Carolers for many years, and I always display them as part of my Christmas decor every year.  I place them on the bookcases, end tables, coffee table, kitchen counter, and even the bathroom.  So, whether it’s dishes, dolls, star wars characters, teddy bears, whatever, if you can add something festive to them, like red or green ribbon, you can probably pull-off displaying your favorite items.  Some of my carolers do not look Christmas-y at all, but I like to cut a piece of red fabric and add it as either a scarf, pants, or a skirt to these figures, and it makes them all seem as if they are one big set.


Dollar Store and Target $1 bins

The Dollar Store has so many things you can use for DIY decor.  I like to buy branch wreaths, floral wire, ribbon, mirrors, frames, books (for staging), fuzzy socks, gift bags, and gift wrap from there.  At Target, they have $1 bins of seasonal items all of the time.  I like to buy scarves, plates, mugs, greenery, etc., from there.  They usually have a great selection of all kinds of things for kids and grown-ups.  And, now Target has the Hearth and Hand collection by Joanna Gaines.  This line has so many beautiful, farmhouse style holiday items that are $20.00 or less!  You can also use some of the items as home decor year-round.


Use Food for Decoration

Not only is making a gingerbread house fun for the kids, it’s also a cute and easy way to have a centerpiece that the kids made for your kitchen table.  And, the kids will love that you used their creation for decorating the house.  You can also decorate with food by making salt dough ornaments, gingerbread man cookies, popcorn garland, or even hanging candy canes on your tree.  And, some people like to bake cookies on Christmas Eve, hang the cookies on the tree, and eat them the next morning.  I remember making popcorn garland and putting candy canes on our tree when I was little.  Those memories are so precious and treasured.


My biggest budget suggestion is to reuse, recycle, and re-love what you already have.  Other people are not going to remember every little detail of your home decorations. There’s no need to break the bank to decorate your house for the holidays.  So, try to use some of these creative concepts to curb spending and keep your money in your wallet.  I would LOVE to hear some of your frugal and budget-friendly decorating ideas!  Please comment or send me pictures of your latest decorating embellishments!  Happy Holidays, dear friends!

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