The Hottest Holiday Toys for Christmas 2018




The Red Hot Holiday Toys List


These Top 32 Holiday Toys are flying off the shelves!  You are going to want to buy these “must-haves” for your kids now before they are impossible to get come December.  Here are 32 of Amazon’s top picks for boys and girls, so you can shop smarter and faster.


My “Holiday Shopping List” Free Printable is near the end of this post.


The Hottest Holiday Toys for Christmas 2018



TOP Holiday Toys for Boys and Girls


New Harry Potter Hogwart’s  LEGO Kit –Buy It Here

This cool Harry Pottery kit has 878 pieces and comes with 10 mini LEGO people like Harry, Hermione, Draco, Hagrid, and more!


LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box —Buy It HereHottest Holiday Toys for 2018

Think of this as the starter kit that every LEGO fan needs.  It comes with 484 pieces that can also be used to build other LEGO sets.


Pomsies Patches Plush Interactive Toys –Buy It Here
Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018

Pet toys are going to be HUGE this season!  Think of Pomsies as fingerlings with fur. The super-affordable interactive toy clips on to an arm, backpack, or clothes so kids can carry it with them all day.



Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown Edition — Buy It Here


Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018

This hilarious game has players wear cheek retractors that make saying phrases difficult, to say the least. Their teammates have to guess what they are saying to win, but getting guesses out in between laughing might just be the hardest part!




Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby —Buy it Here

Hottest Holiday Toys of 2018The doll does a little dance to let Mommy or Daddy know she needs to use the bathroom. Once she’s placed on the potty, she’ll tinkle and kids can add a sticker to her reward chart.




The ‘Avengers’ Super Hero Inventors Kit – Buy It Here

LittleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Already named as one of the top toys by Walmart and Amazon, this Avengers Hero kit has 18 pieces so they can invent a variety of really cool things. Once you snap everything into place and turn your circuits into rad inventions you’ll connect to your smartphone or tablet app and they’ll be able to control these inventions.




Chow Crown Game – Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018If your kid can’t stop playing with his food at the table, give him this game. Players wear a spinning crown loaded with snacks and have to try to eat everything before time is up.




The LEGO Ship in a Bottle Building Kit – Buy It Here

Seriously, how cool is this!  This LEGO ‘ship in a bottle’ comes with 962 pieces (so it’ll keep them busy and quiet) and allows them to use their brain to build the coolest ship ever.



Scruff-A-Luvs – Buy It Here


Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018

These are the cutest little toy pets ever!  They arrive into your life as a little ball of matted fur, but then your kids will take care of them.  They’ll bathe them, dry them, and then brush them.




Cozmo the Interactive Toy Robot by Anki – Buy It Here

One of the most popular robots of the season, Cozmo shows emotion, recognizes your face, learns to flip and carry blocks, plays games, and even snores when he sleeps.  Plus, his little robot voice is so cute!




L.O.L. Surprise! Glam Glitter Doll —Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys of 2018

Includes 7 surprises!  Ball becomes a purse carrying case, doll display, or hang out and bath Playset.





The Kano ‘Harry Potter Wand’ Coding Kit – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Kano Harry Potter Wand (Coding) in 2018 - Release Date, Price & Pre Order

Yes, this is the magic Harry Potter wand your kids have been waiting for.  They’ll actually build this themselves and learn to code all at the same time!  From there this magic wand will be able to do things like make pumpkins grow, make feathers fly, multiply your magical goblets, make fire flow, create spells and so much more!  Plus, this will all interact via their tablet or computer!  Pretty awesome!




Don’t Step In It Game, Unicorn Edition — Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018

It’s the game everyone is talking about this year and currently on the best-sellers list.  Kids are blindfolded and try to make it across the special mat without stepping in that dreaded unicorn poop.




‘Paw Patrol’ Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck — Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018Everyone is wild over this truck! It comes with a 2-foot tall extendable latter and launching water cannons so Marshall and his crew can put out any fire.




Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Play Set — Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018

What a great way to show them (and let them learn) how to take care of pets.  This comes with 24 pieces, including a plush doggy and kitten and must-have vet accessories like a thermometer, tweezers, bandages, stethoscope, syringe, and so much more.




‘What’s That Smell’ Game – Buy It Here

This is the new game that’ll keep everyone in the family on the edge of their seat…and holding their nose! There are over 50 smells you have to guess.  Some are decent and some are pretty much nasty!  Who will be able to guess the best and who will have to just quit!




Crayola Color Chemistry Set for Kids — Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018

This set from Crayola transforms your child into a scientist thanks to the 50 experiments.




LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox – Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Gifts for 2018

Packed with over 840 Lego pieces, along with a movable hub and an interactive motor, the possibilities for your child’s robot creations are endless!




L.O.L Surprise ‘Bigger Surprise’  –Buy It Here (Pre-Order)

Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018This one comes with over 60 new never-before-seen surprises, all with exclusive dolls and the cutest accessories ever!  This is the perfect one to add to their collection and, hopefully, you can get your hands on it before it’s gone!




The Osmo Genius Kit for Kids – Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018

This is one of the latest must-haves of the season and will come with 5 award-winning games that allow your kids to transform their iPad into a hands-on learning tool.  It helps with things like math, spelling, and more!




FurReal ‘Munchin’ Rex the Interactive Dinosaur – Buy It Here

FurReal Munchin Rex Toy Dino 2018 - 2019

This is one dinosaur your kids will totally want to cuddle up with.  He responds with over 35 sounds and motions.  And he moves all around by hopping and begging for his treats?  Good news, your kiddos can feed him!


Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle — Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys of 2018Barbie is back with a new resume booster: care clinic worker! Kids can rush to the scene in her emergency vehicle and then flip it open to reveal a fully functioning clinic to treat her patients.



Ozobot Bit Coding Robot — Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018

Ozobot teaches your kids coding through coloring on a tablet. Depending on the colors and designs they use, Bit will follow command.





The Echo Dot Created for Kids – Buy It Here

The Hottest Holiday Gifts for 2018The new Echo Dot for Kids is designed and created just for the kiddos.  They can play games with Alexa, ask her to read them a bedtime story, play their favorite music, and so much more.  Plus, because it’s for kids they won’t run into any of those awkward situations they could run into with the regular Echo.  This one comes in blue, red, and green!



Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game – Buy It Here

The Hottest Holiday Gifts for 2018

Fortnite fans, this edition of the Monopoly game is inspired by the popular Fortnite video game! It’s not about what players own; it’s about how long they can survive. And, 2 to 7 players claim locations, battle their opponents, and avoid the Storm to survive; the last player standing wins.




Hot Wheels Corkscrew Car Crash Track Set – Buy It Here

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash SetWhat kids don’t love their Hot Wheels tracks!  This one is the super crazy Corkscrew with the ginormous 3-loop challenge!  Your kiddos will try to launch their cars into the track and complete the loops without crashing. Even better is that if they have other Hot Wheels tracks this one is compatible with others!



New Pie Face Cannon – Buy It Here

New PieFace Cannon 2018

Who didn’t love all things Pie Face over the last few years?  Well here’s the latest!  This time around there’s a Pie Face cannon that you fill with whipped cream!




LEGO Batman App Controlled Batmobile – Buy It Here

LEGO App Controlled Batmobile Building Kit 2018 - 2019

This is one of the coolest LEGO kits of the year!  Not only can your kids build this 321 piece Batmobile, but it can also be controlled by an app which will make it drive all around and fight crime!




‘Escape the Room in a Box’ Game – Buy It Here

Escape the Room in a Box Game: Werewolf Experiment

Everyone seems to be obsessed with going to Escape the Room parties.  Well, now you can bring the party home with Escape the Room in a Box: Werewolf Experiment.  You’ll have one hour to crack some codes, solve some puzzles, and find some hidden clues.  Plus, you can connect this game to your Alexa to keep track of time, ask questions, and even play a special soundtrack that adds to the intensity of the game.




The Original Claw Machine Playset — Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018This claw machine brings the arcade to your house (and you don’t have to pay every time you play). Plus, refilling it with your own surprises makes your kid’s playing experience unique each time. 




The New Nerf Laser Ops Pro (2 Pack) – Buy It Here

The Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018

This is one of the best-selling Nerf guns this season.




L.O.L. Surprise! House — Buy It Here

Hottest Holiday Toys of 2018

Not only does an exclusive family come with this doll house, but it also has  85+ surprises tucked inside and an elevator, pool, spa, and sandbox.


Here’s your Holiday Shopping Checklist (pdf).

Hottest Holiday Toys for 2018 and Holiday Shopping List


There you have it — the Top 32 Hottest, Must-Have Holiday Toys for this year’s Christmas Gifts! 




You can also find great toy selections and prices at Target and at Walmart.com

Also, some other affordable stores that will be having great deals are:  Kohl’s, Barnes and Noble, and Best Buy stores




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