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30 FREE Instagram Story Highlight Cover Icons

30 Free Instagram Story Covers and Icons


Hey guys!  Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms!  And, as you probably already know, they recently added Instagram Story Highlight and Archive features that allow you to create permanent collections of Instagram Stories that will stay on your Instagram profile.  How cool is that?

It’s especially useful if you’re trying to build your brand by giving your new followers a chance to see some of your best content.  If you haven’t tried it out yet, give it a shot!  I think you are going to love it!




Where to begin?  I know!  There are SO many cool icon choices and colors to choose from.  It took me at least a week to decide which icons to display — front and center.  That’s prime real estate right there!  Anyway, grouping (not groping) your IG Stories Highlights together into various topics, or events make it easy for your peeps to view what is of specific interest to them.

Additionally, you may want to use your Brand colors for your background covers to keep everything looking clean and consistent.  For me, I blog about family life, travel, our pets, free printables, etc.  So, my highlights include icons of these categories, and I use a light green background, which is one of my brand colors.  If, and when, I get tired of that color, I can easily change my background color to something else.  I also really like this turquoise-blue color below.


30 FREE instagram story highlight icons and covers


Below are all the different IG Story Highlight Icons for you to use as you want.  I am giving you 30 icons (PNG images) with transparent backgrounds so you can add your own brand color backgrounds for your covers.  So, for the quick version tutorial, all you have to do is upload the icons you want to use into Canva (you can use the free option if you don’t already have Canva), add your background color (your favorite or your Brand color), download them to your phone, post on IG Stories for 24 hours, Archive (make sure the button for archive is turned ON), adjust the icon size to be centered, and you’re done!  They are really SO FUN to play around with!  If you know how to work Instagram Stories you shouldn’t have any problem with adding these covers.


30 free instagram story highlight covers and icons


I hope you enjoy the icons!  Be sure to FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM and tag me on your Insta stories so I can see them on your account!  I know they are going to be Ah-Mazing!!!  Just like YOU!

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  1. Hi Carol — So sorry about that. Someone has recently hacked my site, so my blog has been quite a mess lately. I think I have fixed the missing sign-up form that automatically sends you the Icons download.

    Please try it again, and you should have your Icons. Thank you so much, and have a lovely day!

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