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Keto Bacon and Egg Bites

Keto Bacon and Egg Bites

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Keto Bacon and Egg Bites

Every morning needs a little protein and these keto bacon and egg bites are a quick and delicious solution!

This meal is the perfect keto recipe to make for breakfast, brunch, or a snack.

You can prepare these bacon and egg bites ahead of time and then heat them up whenever you need them.

We love making them for those busy work mornings and for lazy weekends!

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Breakfast for Large Sleepovers

The kids and I love to make these and freeze them for when they have friends over (like 8-10 boys)!

All you do is triple or quadruple the recipe and place in freezer containers.

Then, each morning I simply microwave the keto bacon and egg bites for 30-45 seconds and enjoy! 

It makes for an easy, quick breakfast and is a great way to menu prep and plan ahead. 

And, it’s a great way to manage portions, save money, and time.

Oh, and we all know that BACON is the Best alarm clock!

Nuff said.

Keto Bacon and Egg Bite Alternatives

This recipe is considered Keto-approved, Gluten-Free (be sure your bacon is nitrate-free and gluten-free) and it is also Paleo (when you eliminate the cheese).

The great thing about this is the many combinations you can create with this simple, staple recipe.

You can eliminate the cheese and add spinach or do a combo of both.

To make it more healthy, just add avocado, peppers, and onions! 

I hope you enjoy these Keto Bacon and Egg Bites as much as we do!

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