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Organize Your Closet for the New Year

Organize Your Closet for the New Year

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With the beginning of a New Year comes resolutions for getting healthy, reducing debt, and people getting their lives in order. Likewise, decluttering and organizing our homes can help us to mentally destress and help create a sense of calm.

One suggestion for feeling neat and tidy in the New Year is to organize your master closet

Once you get started organizing your closet, then you have to see it through. 

So, here are five tools to help you keep going.

hangers in organize your closet

5 Motivation Tools to Help You Organize Your Closet

  1. Schedule it!  Write it in ink on your calendar, and put it on your cell phone calendar app.  This way you have no excuse not to get started.
  2. Have an Accountability Person – Share your organizing plan with someone that will cheer you on and keep you accountable.
  3. Document your Progress – Take “before and after” photos to see all the progress you’ve made! Text them to your besties and accountability partner.
  4. Listen to Music – Listen to fun, upbeat music while you work.
  5. Treat Yourself – Reward yourself afterwards with some delicious takeout food or a dessert to celebrate your organizational milestone!

clothes hanging in your organized closet

How to Organize Your Closet

Start by pulling all of the clothes out of your closet.

  • Once everything is out, sort it all into piles. 
  • Have a pile for T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jeans, shorts, jackets, etc.

Go through each category and make a keep, toss, and donate pile.

  • Try and make a decision on every item.
  • Only keep one or two from each category. 
  • And, only keep what you love.

Put everything back when you organize your closet.

  • Using thin hangers will allow more clothes to fit in a small space. 
  • Hang longer, heavier items (such as sweaters) on the left side.
  • Work your way to lighter, shorter items on the right. 
  • Hang clothes from dark to light colors. 
  • Less frequently worn items can be kept on top shelves, allowing more space to hang or store most-loved items. 
  • Also, try and keep pieces at eye level so you don’t forget about them.

Shoes on shelves

Extra Tips to Organize Your Closet

  • Reuse old t-shirts as rags for cleaning the house.
  • Pick outfits the night before work or school for an easier morning.
  • Fold your clothes and stack them vertically in your drawers so you can see each item.
  • Round up shoes and store in shoe racks.
  • Use over-the-door organizers for scarves, shoes, accessories, or jewelry.
  • Label everything you can, from drawers to hangers.

A Few Thoughts on Organization

Once your closet is put back together, your morning routine will be smoother.

Also, you might even feel ready to take on your next New Year’s promise.

Whatever you decide, taking a step back and thinking about ways to make a more simplified routine will get your year off to a fantastic start!

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