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One of the best things about summer is celebrating outdoors with a party or event.  Whether it’s a smoky barbecue, teen graduation party, birthday pool party, or even just a neighborhood get-together, you can make your next outdoor summer party super special with some of these easy tips.


  • MUSIC!  Don’t forget this ultimate party-maker!  If you don’t have outdoor speakers, use a Bluetooth wireless speaker to enjoy your favorite songs.
  • Fill galvanized buckets full of ice and bottled drinks and set around the pool or bbq area and near guest seating.
  • Be sure to have plenty of sunscreen and bug spray on-hand for any guests who forgot to bring theirs.
  • Also, especially if you are having a pool party, keep lots of extra towels, swim goggles, band-aids, etc., for anyone that needs it.
  • Outdoor, blow-up Jumpy Houses are great fun for kids.  Also, water slides are fun items to buy as well.


  • Set your tables with seasonal or patterned tablecloths, chairs, and disposable plates, cups, and utensils so clean-up will be a snap.
  • Make your own living room outside with a throw rug, side chairs, wall art, and plenty of colorful pillows.
  • Arrange chairs, tables, and benches on a large outdoor rug to create a cool conversation area for guests to hang-out.
  • Set-up a drink station and snack food table near the seating area.
  • Have outdoor trash cans in several spots around the yard so guests can throw away trash there instead of on the ground.


  • Use clear tablecloth clips (order on to hold down your tablecloths if the wind starts whipping things around.
  • Light several citronella candles or torches to keep mosquitos at bay, especially at night.
  • Have bug repellant spray and wipes in convenient areas around the seating, pool, tables, etc.
  • Have several netted food covers (World Market) to put over your food to keep flies and unwanted pests away from the edibles.


  • As a host, you are part of this event too, so walk around and talk with your guests and chill-out for a while.
  • Take lots of photographs of everyone having fun.
  • When things have quieted down, jump in the pool, or have fun on the trampoline or in the jumpy house.
  • Since you have used lots of disposables, clean-up should only take a few minutes, then get back to talking with your friends.

When it’s all over, your guests will be so impressed with your amazing party, and they will all remember the great conversation, fun entertainment, and fabulous food!  Oh, and be sure to post those awesome pics on Instagram and Facebook!  

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