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Printable Watercolor Calendar

Printable Watercolor Calendar

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Printable 2020 Wall Calendar

This French Country Inspired 2020 watercolor wall calendar is perfect to print and display every month of the year.

Its beautiful watercolors and french-style graphics will inspire the Romantic in all of us.

I have all of the months for this 2020 printable calendar below for you to preview.


2020 Printable Calendar 

beautiful printable calendar


We’re feeling all French-country today with this Printable 2020 Wall Calendar.

From topiaries to ribbons to flowers, this calendar has a feminine feel, but will truly be at home anywhere.

Each of the 12 months has its own unique design in soft watercolors.

You can purchase this set, plus the month-at-a-glance calendar, “Today’s list”, and the watercolor bunny art print through the button below.

Also, you can preview all of the individual months’ designs below.



2020 Calendar, Derby Lane Dreams


Printable Watercolor Wall Calendar

I was really excited when this particular calendar started coming together.

I feel like these designs embody everything I love. They’re soft and feminine.

They also have lots of sweet patterns, including a light check design, stripes, dots, and rosebuds.

And, I really think the beautiful birds and the borders give each month a unique, french-country twist!


French-country calendar


 Plus, I really love these four BONUS pages for you — beauties!

beautiful watercolor prints

These bonus watercolor prints are in the same french-style shades of pale green, pink, blue, and gray.


watercolor bunny for spring

As you can see above, the printable 2020 wall calendar and the art prints are perfect to frame.

They come in PDF format and are 8×10″ in size (although you can easily print onto letter-sized paper, and just trim and frame).

I especially love how they look attached to a clipboard, hanging in my office, or even propped up against the wall.

Again, you can grab this printable calendar directly through the button below for $5.



January 2020 watercolor calendar

January starts out with soft, blue stripes and touches of green and pink.

Also, there is room below each number on the calendar portion for notes, important dates, appointments, and more.


February has rich, green topiaries and gray love birds. It also has the sweetest pale pink background.



2020 watercolor 12 month calendar, French country, french style

March has peppy polka dots on a light turquoise background. 

Also, there is a tiny bird, rosebuds, and perfect greenery.



April is full of spring — light gold and blue watercolor striped patterns and sweet little rosettes surrounding the month’s name.


May is full of pretty pink little rosettes, from top to bottom. 


I love the gold circle surrounding the word, June, and the touches of pink.

And, the light blue background is super summery, too.


 beautiful printable calendar

July, my favorite month (birthday!), has a gorgeous gray diamond frame, surrounded by roses, and touches of blue.



These adorable love birds gently tugging at vines are the stars of August. 

The palest of green with polka dots, the french blue frame, and pink rosebuds complement each other beautifully.



Elegance abounds in September’s laurel framed display, along with a bow, and delicate flowers.



Green, orange, and white gourds are the perfect accent for October.



We’re keeping November in the same color-theme, with soft shades of pink, light khaki, green, and gray.



December’s Christmas trees and red berries are a lovely way to usher in the holiday season. 



2020 Watercolor Calendar

I hope you enjoy this calendar. It was a joy to put together!

And, I  have several copies of this calendar displayed around my house — in the home office, mudroom, and the kitchen.

Remember, you can print-out and use on a clipboard, in distressed frames, or even matted and on the wall.

Purchase this calendar, plus get your four bonus watercolor prints, via the button below.



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