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Purging Clutter in the New Year – 65 Things to Get Rid of Today

Purging Clutter in the New Year – 65 Things to Get Rid of Today

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It’s the New Year so purging clutter season is upon us! Out with the old and in with the new as they say.

But for some people, getting rid of things, even things you know you don’t need, can feel overwhelming.

And, rather than attempting to declutter entire areas of your home, it’s easier to find specific items to declutter and then organize your spaces

So, get a head start by clearing your house of clutter right now. Below is a broad list of 65 items to ditch today.

purging clutter in the kitchen

Purging Clutter in the Kitchen

  • Disposable packages of takeout utensils.
  • Packs of takeout condiments.
  • Paper and plastic takeout menus.
  • Packs of flower food.
  • Twisty ties that go on bread.
  • Potato chip clips.
  • Excess vases.
  • Extra serving platters.
  • Chipped dishes.
  • Too many mugs.
  • Cookware you never use.
  • Knives you never use.
  • Excess kitchen tools.
  • Extra grocery bags.

Discarding Clutter in the Playroom or Basement

  • Toys with missing pieces.
  • Broken toys.
  • Participation trophies and medals.
  • Paint samples.
  • Old curtain rods.
  • Used baby gear.
  • Hand-me-downs that went unworn.
  • Broken luggage.
Purging clutter in the pantry

Purging Clutter in the Pantry

  • Extra plastic bags.
  • Overflowing paper bags.
  • Plastic cups from fast food restaurants.
  • Promotional magnets.
  • Promotional cups.
  • Candles you don’t use.
  • Scraps of wrapping and tissue paper.
  • Ribbon you don’t like.

Paring Down Clutter in the Bathroom

  • Expired beauty supplies.
  • Hair care tools you never use.
  • Old nail polish.
  • Hair accessories you never use.
  • Expired medications and lotions.
Purging in the bathroom

Purging Clutter in the Bedroom and Closet

  • Old and outdated magazines and books.
  • Boots you haven’t worn all season.
  • That scratchy wool scarf.
  • Gloves with no match.
  • Socks with holes or no match.
  • Air mattresses you didn’t use.
  • Permanently stained clothing.
  • Slippers you never reach for.
  • “Painting clothes.”
  • Pajamas you aren’t comfortable in.
  • Excess workout clothes.
  • Too many clothes hangers.
  • Handbags, purses, totes, backpacks, wallets, sunglasses cases, etc. you aren’t using.
  • Jewelry you never wear.
  • Office supplies you never use.
  • Shoes you haven’t worn in a year or more.
  • Coats you haven’t worn all season.
Purging in the Bedroom

Removing Clutter in the Laundry Room/Mud Room

  • Cleaning products you never use.
  • Excess towels.
  • Extra sheets.
  • Blank notebooks or journals.
  • Supplies from hobbies you haven’t done in years.
  • Old sports equipment.
  • Organizing supplies that are only taking up space, empty.
  • Excess pencils and pens.
  • Broken crayons, dry markers, and colored pencil nubs.

Purging Clutter in the Garage

  • Seasonal decor you never put out.
  • Art you’ve taken off your walls and aren’t using.
  • Furniture you’re storing in the garage “just in case.”
  • Broken equipment and furniture.

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