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    Epic Roundup of Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas

    Epic Roundup of Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas

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    Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas Roundup
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    All the Best Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas!

    It looks like Epic Game’s, Fortnite Battle Royale is not going away anytime soon. 

    How do I know this for a fact? 

    My kids rush home every day after school to see the updated downloads, new skins, and new characters.

    Even our Fortnite Birthday Party last year was the biggest hit ever!

    And, it is entirely possible that my kids may want another Fortnite Party again this year.  I’m just saying.

    In that case, bring on all the Fortnite Birthday Parties

    I’m gonna need NEW Fortnite ideas!

    Below, I’ve linked several epic sites with fantastic and amazing Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas to get YOU ready for this year’s Fortnite Extravaganza!

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    Fortnite Video Game Party Printables Bundle

    Fortnite Video Gamer Cover.

    Below are all of the party favor ideas and party printables for your Fortnite party:

    • Fortnite-themed Party Planner
    • Fortnite-themed Party Checklist
    • Fortnite-themed Party Invitations
    • Fortnite-themed Thank You Cards
    • Fortnite V-Bucks coins
    • Fortnite V-Bucks snack bag toppers
    • Fortnite Chug-Jug Labels (for soda cans)
    • Fortnite Backdrop Letters (FORTNITE)
    • Fortnite Loot Llama Pinata Template
    • Fortnite Pickaxe Template
    • Fortnite bandages (to wrap around paper towels)
    • Fortnite Photo Booth Props (tape to wooden skewers)
    • Fortnite Bookmarks (put in Loot drop bags)
    • Fortnite Favor Bag Decor Front Panel (for gift bags)

     Get all the FORTNITE PRINTABLES here for $10


    See what they look like below!

    Fortnite Video Gamer Party Printables.
    Fortnite Video Gamer.
    Fortnite Party Printables.

    Epic Websites with Fornite Birthday Party Ideas

    1. Happy Mom Hacks

    Epic Roundup of Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas

    When you first land on the site, Happy Mom Hacks, it also says, “Finding ways to make a mom’s life easier” — I can totally deal with that!

    The Fortnite Birthday Party post goes into great detail about party ideas and all the supplies you will need!  

    Happy Mom Hacks lists fantastic DIY ideas including Fortnite party supplies, cake, supply drops, slurp juice, games, Fortnite dances, free printables, and more. 

    I especially like how they used the camouflage netting over saw horses for shielding players during the outdoor battles!

    Brilliant idea!

    Be sure to check out this website for lots of fun party tips and ideas!



    Epic Roundup of Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas


    This post is about the crazy-awesome Fortnite birthday party I threw my sons last year.

    BEST.  PARTY.  EVER!!!!!!!!!

    There were about 60 people at the party, kids and adults, and everyone was equally entertained!

    When I planned the Fortnite party, there were not a lot of party supplies out there yet in this theme.

    So, I did tons of research and created a lot of my own, DIY Fortnite party supplies and decorations.

    And, all of the supplies to make these Fortnite objects can be purchased at your local dollar store.

    Here is a list of some of the Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas and Decor:

    • DIY Loot Llama Pinata
    • “drop” bags with balloons
    • Fortnite Location Signs
    • Signs for the Fort
    • DIY backdrop
    • Fortnite Banner
    • Printable Fortnite bookmarks
    • Chug jugs
    • Medi-kits
    • V-Bucks
    • Fortnite Pickaxe harvesting tool
    • Fortnite Photo Props
    • and much more!

    There are tons of photos from the party and live video coverage of the kids playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

    When you go to my original post on my site, there are also lots of affordable party supplies listed, so you can purchase everything you will need for your party.


    3. DIY Inspired

    Epic Roundup of Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas

    This site, DIY Inspired, has an awesome post on Easy Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas and Printables.

    I love all the colorful photos, DIY signs, and printables:

    • Pulse Bomb High Bounce Balls
    • Upgrade Llama Slime
    • Fatal Field Fun Drip
    • Paradise Palms Pixy Stix
    • Banner printables
    • Cupcake toppers
    • Lucky Landing
    • Junk Junction
    • Tomato Town Pizza
    • Flush Factory sign for the bathroom, etc. 

    I especially liked the medkit party favors and the Fornite food table.

    And, there is an incredible video that showcases the party.  

    Check out the post for tons of epic ideas!

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    4. Red Ted Art

    Epic Roundup of Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas

    This site,, has “cute and easy crafts for kids.” 

    I know I will be coming back to this site to learn about seasonal crafts to make with my kids!

    The post, DIY Fortnite Crafts & Party Ideas, has tips and ideas curated from a variety of websites, youtube videos, and her own crafty projects.

    DIY Fortnite Craft Ideas: 

    (Here are just a few)

    • Fortnite Llama Corner Bookmark
    • Super cute DIY Fortnite Llama Pinata
    • Chug Jug Slime
    • Fortnite Shield Potion DIY
    • Battle Royale Pinata Squishy
    • Boogie Bomb Made from Cardboard
    • Chug Jug Potion and More
    • Fortnite Loot Llama Plush DIY
    • Lego Fortnite Llama
    • Vbucks Fortnite Cookies
    • Rainbow Llama Smasher Cake
    • Gingerbread Fortnite Chest Cake

    Be sure to visit this site for a large selection of DIY Fortnite Crafts and Party ideas!



    pic Roundup of Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas

    Mom on the Side has some really great Fortnite Party Ideas that she shares with her readers.

    For her son’s Fortnite birthday party, she made:

    • V-bucks sugar cookies
    • Rice Krispies Medic Bandages
    • Slurp juice
    • Supply drop bags with balloons
    • Fortnite Battle Royale maps, printed out and used as a banner 

    Here are some of the Fortnite Party Games the kids played:

    • Loot Llama pinata

    • NERF Gun Battles inside or outside

    • Set up wood pallets around the yard with a variety of toy weapons and let the kids have a Battle Royale in the yard.

    • Hide around the yard with NERF guns and as the party guests arrive, ambush them as they try to get inside the house for the party!

    Sounds like they all had a blast!  And, there are lots of great tips and photos from the party for inspiration.

    Head on over and read the post!


    Online Stores to Buy Fortnite Birthday Party Supplies & Decorations

    We can’t forget to mention all the online party stores since you might need to purchase some party supplies at the last minute.

    You can still find great deals shopping online. 

    Here are some of the best! Fortnite Birthday Party Supplies, party favors, games, toys, etc.



    Celebrity Fortnite Birthday Parties

    Let’s take a look at how a few celebrities celebrate their child’s big day with a Fortnite-themed Birthday Party:

    Kardashian family – Mason Disick’s Fortnite-themed Birthday Party

    From the Instagram photos below, I am loving this idea with the large screens outside, where you can lounge comfortably on the poofy beanbags and play Fortnite all night long.  Amazing!

    Kevin Hart throws his son, Hendrix, a Fortnite-themed Party

    I like how the Hart family created their shirts to say, “HARTNITE.”  That is so awesome!


    Where Ya Droppin?

    There you have it, folks!

    Lots of epic websites overflowing with fantastic and amazing Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas.

    Hopefully, you have found some really cool and new ideas to use for your next Fortnite bash!

    Is there anything else you think I should add?

    Have you thrown a Fortnite birthday party?

    Do you have some great ideas for us that I didn't include here?

    Let me know in the comments below! : )


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