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As you know, my husband had a fort built for our boys a few months ago.  I really like the fort, but it was just looking kind of plain to me (uh oh).  So, I realized that all they needed for their new fort was a sign!  Something that showed ownership, something American, something cool….  I got to work.  First, I went through some random old boards that I had in the garage and picked out two good ones.  I sanded them a little bit before staining them a dark walnut color.  After the stain, I spray painted some primer/white paint on the boards.  I used a letter stencil I had and I painted the letters black.  Later on I went back and added the red “secret” and underline.  The added color really helped the sign to stand out on their fort.  After the paint was all dry, I sanded the boards one more time, and I sprayed a matte clear coat on the boards so that the sign would not be affected by outside weather.  I put some hardware on the back of the sign and we walked down to the fort to pick out a place to hang it.  Sam picked out the exact spot, and then we added the American flags.  Super easy project to make; about three hours to make it, including the paint drying time.  I think it turned out pretty cute — what do you think?

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