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So, since it IS spring, I thought I would share a few more of my spring vignettes that I have been using around the house.  A decorative vignette is a small, focal point in a room that is a collection of items that shows your individual style and is usually items that you enjoy, or maybe even items that you collect as a hobby.  I love doing different little vignettes all throughout the house, so lets get started!

This one is in a rustic, round tray with handles.  It is the perfect size for the center of your breakfast table or small dining table.  I started with a piece of burlap fabric (I really like when the edges are imperfect).  I then placed some potted faux green plants, a cute little spring bird, some faux artichokes, some tree nuts, and it’s done!  I like to keep things low on the breakfast table so I can see my kids or guests when we are having a conversation.

Here it is again, but this time I added in the cute little distressed pair of bunnies.  You can really add anything to your vignettes — whatever you like and items that are seasonal.

Here is another little vignette in a silver serving tray.  I used a pottery barn table runner, and in the silver tray, I placed a few faux artichokes, a distressed bunny, a little egg, and some box filler that came in a recent delivery.  A beautiful and quick little arrangement!

In the same way, I am using recycled materials for this vignette.  This adorable basket and all the shredded brown filler paper inside came from a gift delivery for my husband a few weeks ago.  I thought it would be perfect for a display!  Next, I added in a little egg tree, cute easter bunny and carrots from Homegoods, and some adorable pastel eggs.  Fabulous!


Here are a couple of different displays I like to put underneath my cabinet.  You can always get that farmhouse feel with distressed pottery or sculpture (pottery barn), moss and vine baskets, and baskets or accessories made with black wire or iron.  This is a cute area to showcase my little bunny and some green plants.


Do you create vignettes in your home?  Which rooms?  Do you change them frequently or with the season?  What are your favorite items to use in your vignettes?

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