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    The Start of Our Home Renovation

    The Start of Our Home Renovation

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    A new (old) home renovation is not exactly how I thought our new year would start out in 2021.

    But, I guess God has decided it is time for us to move.

    So, trusting in Him, we are beginning a new journey with our family.

    We bought a Farm!

    Honestly, I cannot believe I am saying it — we bought a farm!

    Almost 45 acres of lush green pastures, a stocked fishing pond/lake, several fenced-in areas, barns, and plenty of woods for the occasional hunting/camping session.

    It’s quite fitting though, since I did grow up on a tiny farm, raising cows and helping my parents garden.

    And, we were surrounded by enormous farms that had chicken houses, cows, corn, and soybean fields flowing in every direction.

    Neighborhood Life

    Okay, I do want to admit that we were living in a great house in a wonderful neighborhood.


    It just didn’t feel totally like home to us.

    The Down Side to Living in a Neighborhood

    Below are just a few cons about living in a neighborhood:

    • First and foremost – the HOA (Home Owner’s Association, need I say more?)
    • 2 acres – not a lot of land to roam for the kids
    • Can’t shoot fireworks (ahem, HOA)
    • Can’t ride around on ATV’s or any loud vehicles (HOA)
    • Your yard must look perfect at all times (per the people with nothing better to do than walk around the neighborhood and find fault in your home, driveway, or yard – HOA)
    • Neighbors – we actually had great neighbors, but I know plenty of friends who do not have that luxury.
    • Ultimately — big surprise — the HOA is too much for this low-key couple, so we are on our way out.

    Here’s What We Were Looking For

    • Downsizing – We actually wanted a couple more bedrooms, so we may add on to the house for better use of the square footage. This house is about 4,000 square feet smaller than our prior house.
    • Schools – We wanted to be closer to the kids’ school, and this house is about five minutes away.
    • Land for roaming – We had wanted at least 25 acres, so this definitely fits the bill. There will be plenty of land for riding bikes, scooters, ATV’s, hunting, fishing, camping, kids exploring, etc.
    • Still near the action – This house is further from our favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations, but still close enough. And, we can visit family and friends whenever we want.

    “Before” the Home Renovation Process

    Here are a few photos of the house interior before we start any of the home renovation projects:

    Home Renovation Plans:

    • Paint the entire interior of the house Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
    • SW glossy white on trim, door frames, window casings, etc.
    • Floors – We are working on getting white oak engineered hardwood floors for most of the main level and the master bedroom. We will go with tile in the bathrooms, and we are changing out the basement carpet from a plush pink/red carpet, to a low-pile, stain-resistant carpet that is a neutral dark sand color. I’ll soon add specific products and colors.
    • Steel beams have to be brought in for several of the ceilings. These are used in an effort to raise some of the low ceilings and to help with the current design of the house.
    remodel and renovate the sunroom with lots of windows and tile floor

    Stay tuned and check back frequently for updates on how the home renovation process is going! And, be sure to follow my sweet friend, Kate Knowles, for more beautiful home ideas, home decor, and styling.


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