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    Summersalt Sidestroke Swimwear Review

    Summersalt Sidestroke Swimwear Review

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    Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links which will reward me monetarily if you make a qualifying purchase.

    This Summersalt Sidestroke Swimwear review clarifies many questions that my readers have asked on the style, fabric, and fit of this swimwear brand. I purchased the items in this post myself, and am giving my honest opinion on these purchases.

    Keep reading for all the nitty-gritty details. : ) 

    Are Summersalt Swimsuits Worth the Price?

    As COVID quarantine took over 2020 and 2021, I was determined for my family to get some summer beach time once it was safe to venture out.

    We frequently visit sandy beaches within driving distance of Atlanta, GA.

    So, naturally, I had been dreaming of the ocean and on the hunt for a new swimsuit. 

    I had seen Summersalt on Instagram and Facebook, but I didn’t know if I wanted to spend $95 for a new suit. 

    Swimsuit, swim, summer

    However, after carefully researching the options, I was swayed by their beautiful images.

    I had to see what all the fuss is about, so I bought the Summersalt Sidestroke in seaweed, seaglass, and white sand.

    Additionally, after looking all over the internet, I decided on the Summersalt Short, Effortless Shirt Cover-up in white.

    I also really liked the leopard-print cover-up too, but I thought I would get more wear out of the white one.

    Should I buy Summersalt Swimwear?

    In this post, Summersalt swimwear lives up to the hype, with only a few negative points.

    My Summersalt Sidestroke review shares why I bought their swimsuit and what separates their company from other swimwear designer brands.

    First, let’s look at my reasons for buying from Summersalt.

    Best Summersalt trends


    What separates Summersalt from all the rest?

    • Summersalt is created by women, for women.
    • As a direct-to-consumer clothing line, they cut out the middleman, selling directly to you and saving you money!
    • Eco-friendly to help the planet. Summersalt swimwear is made from recycled plastics, post-consumer materials, and nylon waste.
    • Their products are made to last. Summersalt has performed wear tests and their suits can withstand over 100 hours of wear, chlorine, and sun.
    • Fitted especially for women’s bodies. They even have swimsuits to fit women with long torsos.
    • Their swimsuits are stylish, comfortable, and durable. Summersalt’s suits have four times the compression of an average bathing suit and are five times stronger.
    • Personally, I LOVE that the swimwear styles are classy, comfortable, and not too showy.  I like to be covered while still feeling a little sexy, too!

    Summersalt Cover-Ups that I Love

    Why I Like my Summersalt Sidestroke Swimsuit

    My main considerations when buying a swimsuit are:

    • Boob Support – I’m a 34D so this is an important factor to consider. This suit is lined and was supportive, with no sagging or show-through, even when wet.
    • Tummy compression – After three kids my abdominal area needs a little help. The compression and diagonal seaming on the front of the swimsuit are effective and flattering.
    • Modest cut – Personally, I’m not the showy type. I like to be comfortable and have fun, while also being covered and not have to worry about over exposure. This suit rocks it!
    • Butt coverage – Again, I don’t want my cheeks hanging out, so I appreciate the full bum coverage.
    • The Fit – In these photos, I’m wearing a size 6.  Also, to help with sizing, I’m 5′ 2″, and weight about 125 pounds. Summersalt recommends that your suit fit snuggly when it’s dry. If you are in-between sizes, I would recommend that you size up.


    Woman in a hat, swimsuit, cover-up

    Summersalt Swimwear Styles:

    You can buy Summersalt swimwear’s size-inclusive, flattering pieces in Size 0 up to Size 24, so there are options for everyone!  

    Here are some of the Summersalt styles that I LOVE!

    PRO’s about this swimsuit:

    • I love the one-shoulder strap and how elegant this suit design looks in-person.
    • I really like the coordinating color combinations of this suit, and all the other ones in this collection as well.
    • The quality fabric and compression help you feel pulled-in, put together, and classy.
    • Versatility! It’s easy to throw on a hat, cover-up, sandals, and a pair of shorts and go to your favorite cafe or go shopping.


    Jen wearing hat, sunglasses, swimsuit cover-up, jeans shorts

    Summersalt Discount Codes

    Usually, Summersalt has a few different discount codes you can use, so try one of these before you buy. I used a promo code when I bought my swimsuit and cover-up.

         Free Shipping:  WELCOME

    Also, if you sign-up for their texts they will usually send you a promo code to use.

    My Final Recommendation:

    Overall, I DO recommend the Summersalt Sidestroke Swimsuit.

    However, for ME, there are a couple of CON’s I need to mention:

    • As I stated at the beginning, these swimsuits are a little on the expensive side. Usually, the most I want to spend for a swimsuit is around $30.00. Hence, I can only buy one of these suits per season.
    • More diversity of models — like ones of us over 50, that still want to look good at the pool and beach.

    I hope this review has helped you with your decision about purchasing a Summersalt swimsuit. If you own a Summersalt swimsuit I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

    What style did you get? How does it fit you? 

    Summersalt Eco-friendly swimwear

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