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Tailwind App for Pinterest: Explode Your Blog Traffic FAST!

Tailwind App for Pinterest: Explode Your Blog Traffic FAST!

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Tailwind App for Pinterest: Explode your Blog Traffic Fast


Tailwind for Pinterest: Explode Your Blog Traffic Fast!



What’s the Latest Pinterest News?

Have you been hearing a lot about this “Tailwind for Pinterest”, but not sure what it is or how it works?

Do you want to increase your blog traffic exponentially, without spending a ton of money?

Also, you want to increase your traffic to grow your email subscribers, which will escalate your income, right?

And, do you want to pin your best content at the best times every day of the week, without spending HOURS of your valuable time?

Then the Tailwind App for Pinterest is definitely for YOU!

Today, I’m showing you how the Tailwind App for Pinterest will Explode your blog traffic super fast and increase your reach and income!



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What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

Tailwind is the complete Pinterest Marketing Toolkit for bloggers and small businesses.

The Pinterest scheduler has everything you need to drive traffic, leads, and sales from Pinterest. 

And, with a minimal investment of your time and money.

Plus, with Tailwind, you won’t have to find time every day to post Pins.

You just sit down once a week and let Tailwind post for you. 

And, Tailwind posts at the best times every day!

Check out this video below to see Tailwind at work!



How to Schedule Pins Like A Pro:  Video Tutorial





What does Tailwind’s Pinterest Marketing tool do?

  • Posts at the best times for engagement.

  • Schedules your Posts.

  • Repeats your content at the interval you choose.

  • Discovers related content you can share.

  • Connects you with pinners to share content in Tribes.

  • Monitors conversions on your pins.

  • Amplifies your reach substantially.

  • And measures your results.




Not using Tailwind for Pinterest yet?  Try it Now!  Schedule 100 Pins free!

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How Does Tailwind Increase Your Pinterest traffic & followers?

Oh, let me count the ways — here are just a few:

  • Maintains a constant presence on Pinterest without manually pinning all day.

  • Spaces out your pins so they won’t appear spammy to Pinterest or annoy your followers.

  • Pins at the best times for engagement.

  • Curates pins from your favorite blogs in the “Find Content” feature, to save you time.

  • Offers niche Tailwind Tribes for another source of pins to share.

  • Joins you with Tribe members who can share your content, too.

  • “Loops” your pins continuously, so they keep posting to Pinterest automatically.

  • And, THIS keeps your fabulous content front and center for others to pin!



Read this infographic below to see how Tailwind Plus members grow their Pinterest accounts.

(Typical Pinterest Results of Tailwind Members)





How I started with Tailwind App for Pinterest 

I started using the Tailwind App back when it was still in the beta phase.  Loved it back then, and I still love it now!

I’m on the Tailwind Unlimited Bundle package.  This gives me Unlimited Tribes to Join, Unlimited Monthly Submission of Pins, and Unlimited Active SmartLoop Posts.

For me, it’s great because I don’t even have to think about the number of my submissions.

I like to sit down at my computer on Sunday evening and schedule the entire week to Tailwind App for Pinterest in about an hour.

That’s it!  Done for the week!  And Pinterest LOVES this automatic scheduling the same as if I had Manually pinned everything.

Note: These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.



From my Profile Performance, I gained 105 followers in 7 days.

Not too bad!  But, it does look like I should create a few different pins to increase my engagement rate.


Tailwind for Pinterest Explode your Blog Traffic Fast




Pinterest Monthly Views

As you can see here, I don’t have a huge number of followers at 2,376.  But, my REACH and my Pins’ Monthly Views are currently at 1.7 Million!

And, that is what is driving viewers to my blog!  Once on your blog, you can capture email addresses, sell your products, advertise, etc.

The point is to get them to your blog and to keep them coming back for more amazing content!

All of this is possible with Tailwind App for Pinterest!



Tailwind for Pinterest Explode your Blog Traffic Fast




Not using Tailwind for Pinterest yet?  Try it Now!  Schedule 100 Pins free!

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Okay.  What are Tailwind Tribes?

Tailwind Tribes are groups of like-minded people that are in your particular niche.

When you join a Tailwind Tribe, you share each other’s relevant content and it helps to grow your reach and their reach as well.


Benefits of Joining Tailwind Tribes:

  • There is a never-ending supply of relevant content at your fingertips.

  • It’s easy to find high-quality content to share from the people you trust.

  • You can reach new, highly-receptive audiences.

  • Get valuable exposure when Tribemates share your content with their followers.

  • With over 4,000 tribes to choose from, it’s easy to meet and collaborate with your niche community.

  • Tailwind Tribes encourage a friendly, collaborative, and spam-free community, to help each other grow.



How to Master Tailwind Tribes – Video Tutorial





Tailwind for Pinterest Explode your Blog Traffic Fast





Find your Tribe

Tribes just launched the new “Find a Tribe” feature which will let you search for Tribes to join by keyword, tag, or category.

Just log in to Tailwind Tribes and click “Find a Tribe” to start searching.  


♥   If you are an Affiliate for any products, sites, software, etc., then you are welcome to Join My Tailwind Tribe via this Invitation Link!


Check out this list of Tailwind Tribes for Mom Bloggers put together by Elna Cain of





Tailwind App for Pinterest Marketing Strategy Increase Blog Traffic Fast




Using the Smart Schedule and the SmartLoop Functions of Tailwind

Here is a picture of my Smart Schedule for Mondays. 

The light mint green colored slots are the regular smart schedule, while the other multi-colored slots are my SmartLoop schedule.

And, the white spaces with light green + and times with dotted lines? 

Those are additional time slots that Tailwind is suggesting would be great for increasing my views and reach.

If I click on one of them, it will turn green, and Tailwind will schedule a pin for that time slot.


Tailwind for Pinterest Explode your Blog Traffic Fast



As you can see, I pin A LOT!  But, it’s all on automatic.  Tailwind knows the best times and when the most people will be viewing my pins.



Customize the days and times you’d like Tailwind to automatically publish Pins in your Queue.


Here is a video that explains the Smart Schedule for Tailwind.




Can I get a Tailwind free trial?

YES! Sign up with my link and start scheduling Pins. 

How long is the Free Trial? There’s no time limit!

You can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest.  No payment details needed!

Once Tailwind publishes 100 Pins from your queue, you can decide whether to purchase a plan.


Start Using Tailwind for Free with NO Credit Card Required!

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Final Thoughts on the Tailwind App for Pinterest

As we have seen, Tailwind for Pinterest can grow your Pinterest followers, boost your blog traffic, and increase your income.

My advice is to start out with the Free Trial, watch all of the videos and tutorials about Tailwind, and start signing up for Tailwind Tribes.

Don’t forget to download and print the Tailwind Tribes Tracker to help you keep up with all of your tribes, rules, submissions, etc.

The sooner you start scheduling with Tailwind, the sooner you will see the steady climb of subscribers, Pinterest analytics, Pinterest followers, sales, etc.

I am on the Tailwind Unlimited Bundle annual plan.  Additional SmartLoop and Tribes functionality can be purchased through PowerUps.

Personally, I think the Tailwind plans are very affordable. Plus, there are several plan options to choose from.

And, if you can’t decide, you can always contact Tailwind and they will put together a plan to suit your needs and your budget.



Over to You!

Let me know if you are thinking of trying the Tailwind App for Pinterest.  What are your biggest questions or concerns?

What has been holding you back?  Did this post help you with your decision?



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