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Well, hello again my sweet friends!  Have you been crafting lately?  I have been itching to do tons of house projects here and there, so I decided to start on ground level, down at the pool.  Not really sure why, but I am drawn out there a lot.  I mean, these warm sunshine days just make me want to roll around in the grass and jump in the water for a cool dip.  You with me?

IMG_5031And, since Summer is here, we tend to have a lot of pool parties and cookouts.  Friends and family are always stopping by to say hello and stay a spell.  Our downstairs patio has this one large, empty brick wall with lots of old wires, cement screws, etc., coming out of it.  It’s really an eyesore and has needed something in the middle of it for a long time.

Hence, the sign.  The Shugart Pool Rules sign.  I was over in the garage the other day (my “work shop”) and there were just scraps of wood calling my name.  I decided to go with ten boards, and I love blues and greens, so I set out to measure and saw my lumber.  Here are a few pictures of the beginning…

IMG_4993 IMG_4988 IMG_4985 IMG_4984











I knew that I kind of wanted the boards to be different lengths and sizes, to make the sign more interesting.  After cutting the boards, I did a light spray of white paint over each board as the base coat.


Then I decided to do an Ombre technique, using 2-3 colors on each board, gradually blending into each other.  Obviously, I chose lots of blues, greens, and a touch of yellow for the boards.  These colors remind me of the ocean, the summer pool, cold blue air conditioning…  you get the gist.  Once the paint was dry, I lightly sanded the boards.  I don’t have any fancy equipment for letters yet, so I decided what I wanted each board to say and I got on my computer and printed out some phrases in various, cute fonts.  For many of these, I printed the words and phrases backwards, so I could more easily trace the letters onto the wood with a sharp pen, pencil, screwdriver, whatever.  It was kind of tedious, but I liked the end result.  For my paints, I just used some old little bottles of acrylic paint for the background colors, and I used either white acrylic paint, a sharpie paint pen in white, or both to do the lettering over the blues and greens.

IMG_4998 IMG_5004








Once all the paint was dry, I put a clear, matte coat over each plank.  This seals the paint and wood for outside use.  Next, I cut two thinner board to attach to the back of the board with screws so the boards would stay together and not fall apart.  IMG_5028 IMG_5023 IMG_5025

















Then I had to figure out how I was going to hang this bad boy on the wall.  It. Was. Heavy.  I decided to put a cement screw into the mortar of the brick wall, and use strong picture wire to hang the sign.  I got all my supplies from Home Depot, but you can get them from any hardware store.  I used a “cement” drill bit for the wall, a blue cement screw, and items from one of my picture hanging kits.IMG_5035 IMG_5033 IMG_5029














I centered the Pool Rules sign on the wall and, Voila!IMG_5054



I Love it!  The colors look great out on the covered deck near the pool.  And, I like that the little phrases are urging all our visitors to enjoy themselves and have a blast!  So, what do you think?  I’d love to see your summer projects so far….  : )

IMG_5040 IMG_5046 IMG_5037

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