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This post may contain affiliate links. If you decide to purchase from one of the links, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.

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Have you ever been to Key West, Florida? Most people I know have driven that long 15-hour drive from Atlanta to Key West and they continue to either make the long haul (usually with a boat in tow) or quick flight pretty frequently. I recently had the opportunity to go with the Hubs on a business trip to Key West, and I am SO GLAD I got to experience this slice of Heaven! It was so much fun, with so many things to do, see, and experience. I’m going to take you on a little photo journey of our time there and fill you in on some of the cool things we did. 

On arrival to Key West, we went straight to our B&B so we could unpack, shower, and get ready for the evening. There are several victorian-style, historical houses you can stay in while in Key West. We stayed at the Chelsea House, a boutique hotel.  I believe this house was built in 1901, and I loved the charm and beauty of the victorian architecture.  The house was very low-key, quiet, and they provide breakfast each morning out by the pool. There are lots of little porches and patios around the house where you can sit and enjoy your morning cup of coffee and bagel.  The best thing about the hotel is the location.  This house is walking distance to Duval Street, Mallery Square, and historic Seaport.  And, there are several great restaurants just around the corner.  If you are not up for walking, you can always rent bikes, scooters, or golf carts from the local vendors.  We were there with a large group of people for the Key West Song Writers Festival.  I think our group had three different hotels booked for this event.


I had never been to one of these music festivals, and let me tell ya, it was beyond exciting! We got to hang out and party with some of Nashville’s most popular singers and songwriters. Yes, I was a little starstruck. It was so cool to actually sit around the pool, eating sandwiches, while a top country artist/group performs their “not released yet” songs for us. Incredible! Everyone was so nice, friendly, and professional. And, while my husband was working and connecting with people, I got to mingle and make new friends. Below are a few pics from the four-day festival in May.


Since we preferred walking to and from our hotel, we ate at restaurants that were all on or around DuVal street.  Here is a list of some of the places we ate:

  • Clemente’s Trolley Pizzeria – We were out and about late at night, and this was the last thing open on our first night in Key West.  Their pizza is to die for! 
  • Haagen-Dazs – Had this a few times when it was hot and steamy outside.
  • Pinchers – The food was good.  We had lunch here one day.  I love seafood so when we are on vacation that’s my go-to.  Their conch fritters and sauce were great!
  • Kermit’s on Duval – Ah-mazing key lime pie!!!
  • Blue Heaven – The shrimp sandwich was fantastic!  Fun, vibrant atmosphere with lots of roosters and chickens running around!
  • Fogarty’s – Great sandwiches!
  • Croissants de France de Le Bistro – Superb breakfast food!

The last night in Key West was the big street concert event, where CAM, Maren Morris, and Old Dominion performed right outside of Sloppy Joe’s Bar, underneath the stars.  There was barely standing room, as we listened to the talented performers and danced for hours with the crowd.  

I have truly enjoyed getting to know a little about Key West, and hope I get to come back soon (like, to next year’s festival).  There is so much beauty here, and so much diversity everywhere you look.  Key West celebrates its indiscriminate influences through concerts, carnivals, and ethnic festivities.  And, Key West offers a multitude of activities for every age like the aquarium, museums, historical landmarks, ample dining and shopping options, and every water sport that you can imagine.  I feel like I have so much more to explore here.  Hopefully, I’ll be back soon and can mark a few more things off my bucket list.



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