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What is

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Disclaimer:This page includes affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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So, what is is the single largest influencer shopping app.

On, you’ll get access to shop millions of products styled by, on, and for real people.

Right at your fingertips, everything in the app is 100% shoppable, so you can instantly shop whatever catches your eye.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of boots, seasonal home decor, or the dining room table of your dreams, it’s all on the app.

Find anything you can think of, from over 4,500 different retailers — including Nordstrom, Target, Revolve, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gucci, Pottery Barn, Joss and Main, and so many others!

The shopping possibilities are endless!


How does Work?

If you follow me on Instagram, and I hope you will, you’ve probably noticed LTKit links on many of my posts.

Like this one below:

LTKit app DerbyLaneDreams


All you have to do to see what and where I’ve bought the items in the photo is to sign up with the app.

Once you download the app, you can “like” my Instagram posts with a link in it, and you will get an email with ready-to-shop product links to everything in the photo!

Pretty cool, huh??  Technology at it’s best!

The links you shop are affiliate links, and I make a small commission on your purchases, but it doesn’t cost you an extra penny.


How do you Sign-up for

Here’s what you do after you download the app.

STEP 1. Register on the website.

STEP 2. ‘LIKE’ Instagram photos that include a URL like this one:  (The URL will be different for every Instagram post generated through

STEP 3. Open your email to view ready-to-shop product links, like this:


DerbyLaneDreams Liketoknowit app


Like the photo to shop in the LTKit app


5 Ways to Grow Your Followers on

I am fairly new to this, too, but I have done a ton of research and here is what I’ve found:


1) For Your Posts, Create Eye-Catching Images in a Collage Format

One of the most important tips for gaining traction on your profile involves creating eye-catching images.

Most of the images that I upload to my profile were created in either Picmonkey or Canva, where I make collage styles filled with products.

Here is a breakdown of how to create eye-catching images for your profile:

  • Take screenshots of the products you wish to arrange in your collage by visiting the brand’s website for high-quality images to save to your phone.
  • Rearrange the product images to look good in your collage. You may choose to add price points or sale information, too.
  • Include your LTK handle at the bottom of your collage. I always include @DerbyLaneDreams in my LTK collages.
  • Once you are happy with how your collage looks, SAVE your collage image to your phone.
  • Open the rewardStyle app and ENABLE A NEW IMAGE.
  • Choose your collage image and add the product details.
  • Finish the collage by including relevant hashtags and the signature LTK bundle.
  • Share your finished collage to the app.


Tips for Uploading Images that Aren’t Collages

When creating selfie posts or single-item posts, be sure to adhere to these tips on uploading the best outfit photos for engaging customers to shop your looks.

  1. ONLY share bright, well-lit photos. 
  2. Mirror selfies are great!
  3. Include EXACT product details.
  4. Include SIZING details on what you have on!


2) Follow Seasonal Trends and Consumer Purchase Behavior

Wondering what type of content to post to engage your current and prospective new followers? 

Seasonal trends! 

Follow trends based on the season! Fall, winter, spring, and summer all bring new chances to highlight trends according to the time of year.

With the changing seasons comes changing consumer purchase behavior, too.

As we continue to live in a COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve seen increases in home decor collages featuring Walmart and Target products.

Also, more people are posting where to buy affordable and cute face masks.

Consumers are looking to revamp their homes and outside areas while staying at home and staying safe during the quarantine.


3) Include Multiple Sections on your Blog

A majority of my commissions from rewardStyle and come straight from my blog.

Whenever I post new content to Pinterest, I make sure that my photos link back to my blog so I can see more commission sales on my website.

Having a separate section where I share all of my uploaded LTK posts drives visitors to check out.

  • You can also see the top right of my website sidebar features a pink SHOP MY LIKETOKNOW.IT tab that redirects visitors to my personal LTK page.
  • Also, I have a page where all of my LTK uploads are automatically added to the “SHOP MY FEED” list. Each image click redirects visitors to shop the picture details!


4) Create, Host, or Participate in Giveaways To Gain New Followers

Another way to grow your profile includes giveaways.

Teaming up with other bloggers/influencers in a similar niche to yours can add more valuable followers to your LTK profile.

Whether you choose to participate or host a giveaway, be sure to use this tip as another opportunity to spread the word about how people can follow your profile.

  • First, TELL YOUR FOLLOWERS how they can follow you on the LTK app via Instagram Stories.
  • Include a “HIGHLIGHT” saved to your Instagram profile where you show people how to follow you on the LTK app. (Step by Step is KEY!)
  • Host your own smaller giveaway on your Instagram Stories by providing a fun incentive like a $50 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky person who follows you on the LTK app.
  • Invite other rewardStyle bloggers to team up for a giveaway together! Include a page where people can easily follow all of your LTK profiles with hyperlinks.
  • Add “SWIPE UP” links in Instagram Stories where prospective new followers can find your profile and hit “FOLLOW”.


5) Use Descriptive Hashtags for All of Your Images 

Once you have a collage image or a mirror selfie saved to your phone the next step takes you to the rewardStyle app to upload this content.

In addition to creating pretty collages and outfit pictures, it’s also important to focus on including descriptive hashtags with each new post.

For example, if you’re sharing a “fall wreath” post, you need to add relevant hashtags in the caption.

Similar to Instagram, the LTK app works as a search engine.

Including relevant hashtags will make your brand new content more searchable. 

So, for your “fall wreath” hashtags, you would add  #fallwreath, #autumnwreath, #pumpkinwreath, #orangeandredwreath.


Wrap Up: What is LIKETOKNOW.IT and How to use the LIKETOKNOW.IT app

I hope this post has answered some of your questions about what is and how to use this app.

Leave me any questions in the comments section and I’ll try and get back to you as quickly as possible.

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