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What is Private Label Rights (PLR) Content?

What is Private Label Rights (PLR) Content?

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Disclaimer:This page includes affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Private Label Rights (PLR) content is a very useful tool in the creation process. And, once you understand how to use it effectively it can save you lots of time, effort, and even expense.

PLR provides an easy way to create a consistent flow of content for your blog or business, sell products online, and give items away for free to promote your business or service. As a work-from-home mom, I purchase PLR frequently for my blog, my email list, and for my Etsy Shop.

In this post we’ll explain the details of PLR, including what it means, the different types, its advantages and disadvantages, and how PLR can be used to help your business grow and prosper.

What are Private Label Rights (PLR)?

PLR, also known as “white label rights,” allow you to buy existing content, customize the content to your brand, and market it as your own.

However, how you can use the PLR product is dependent upon the product and the licensing option that comes with it.

Many Private Label Rights (PLR) sellers have specific categories that you must alter in order to sell their products as your own.

For example, you may need to change the cover page, fonts, colors, and all of the images before using a product as your own.

What are the Different Types of PLR Products?

Here are a few different types of products you may find when searching for PLR websites.

PLR: Private Label Rights content is the least restrictive with the most potential uses. Also, PLR rights can vary among vendors, but usually you can customize and rebrand PLR products.

MRR: Master Resale Rights usually give you the right to resell their content but not to rewrite or rebrand it. 

Resale Rights: You can usually resell the product, but it is more limited than MRR.

Personal Use Rights: The personal use rights allow you to use the content for personal purposes only. This means you can’t sell it or do anything commercial.

The main takeaway here is to always thoroughly read and re-read all the information regarding all Rights and Resale Rights before you make a purchase of any kind.

PLR Advantages and Disadvantages

Lets talk about the pros and cons of using Private Label Rights (PLR).

PLR Advantages

Saves Time – PLR content can free-up more time, instead of creating content from scratch

Ownership – PLR allows you to sell, edit, remix, and combine content, or give it away for free (dependent upon the license). Once content has been customized the purchaser has the same rights to it as if they had created it themselves (in most cases).

Saves Money – Most of the time, PLR content is purchased as an inexpensive package online. Even with the time to customize it, PLR content is less expensive than hiring a freelancer to write content.

Other Areas of Expertise – PLR content can be helpful for businesses that want to offer content outside their area of expertise, which could create the need for tons of research or mistakes in the finished product.

PLR Disadvantages

Bad Quality – PLR content is usually inexpensive and made to be changed to reflect your brand. However, some PLR companies do not care about their work and will provide vague, low quality writing. You must do your research before any PLR purchases.

Duplicate Content – In many cases, the same PLR content is sold to multiple buyers, often without a cut-off on how many people can purchase the same item. This can negatively affect the buyer, depending on how often this content has already been posted. 

Plagiarized Content –  Shady companies will sometimes sell plagiarized content. It can be hard for you to tell when content is plagiarized. And, if this happens, your unknowing posting of the content can lead to legal proceedings.

Again, the best way to know if a PLR company is legit is to do your own research of the business, ask your PLR friends and buyers of PLR about the companies they like and use, and to use your best judgment.

What are some Products that come with Private Label Rights?

You can buy many types of PLR content:

  • Lead Magnets
  • Templates
  • Software
  • Printable Planners
  • Digital Planners
  • Auto Responder Email Series
  • Reports
  • Ebooks
  • Video Courses
  • Graphics
  • Articles
  • Software

Additionally, many PLR businesses offer one-time purchases or monthly subscriptions.

Why you Need PLR Products?

Here are some of the reasons you might want to use Private Label Rights content in your business:

  1. You work full-time and don’t have the time to make the content yourself.
  2. You want to quickly add more content to your shop to make more sales.
  3. You can’t afford to hire a freelancer.
  4. You’re not great at coming up with pretty or creative ideas.

ETSY TIP: I have a fairly new Etsy Shop, a needy husband, three kiddos, two dogs, a cat, and all the responsibilities that go along with managing a household, bills, school, and after-school activities. For this reason, I NEED to use PLR products to be able to add new listings to my shop on a regular basis. Etsy likes for you to make daily listings and will reward you by showing your products in their ads… but ONLY if you are very consistent with your listings.

How PLR Content Can Help You Make Money Online

Lets see how you can use PLR online to make money from your side business.

1. Use PLR Content for your Blog – I’ve frequently used PLR content for my blog. I’ve used content for blog posts, graphics, freebies, and opt-ins. The best thing to do is customize your content with your brand’s fonts, colors, your voice, and change any pictures to your own.

2. Fill-up your Printables Shop – This includes your Etsy Shop or a shop on your blog. It always looks better to buyers if you have lots of fresh items lining all the rows in your shop. PLR makes this so easy to do!

3. Sell your Products with Resale Rights – Sometimes you can buy PLR products with master resell rights. So, you can sell the same products repeatedly to make money. Just be sure to change-up the original product by customizing the fonts, colors, pics, etc., to your brand.

4. Send Freebies to your Email Subscribers – Most people love getting freebies. Send your subscribers a free checklist, wall art, or a cute calendar. Always put your website info on your freebie too, then when they visit your blog, they’ll also click your Shop button and may make a purchase.

5. Make Physical Products – Use PLR articles to make a physical book and sell it on Amazon.

6. Create an Online Course – Buy PLR content in an area that you really know and like. Create an online course and also add a PLR workbook to download with the course so students can better learn the material from the class.

7. Promote Affiliate Links – Use PLR content so your affiliates can promote your products with their affiliate links inserted into the content on their blogs and on social media pages.

Where to Find Quality PLR Content

Here are several quality PLR sellers that I have used, and I really love their content:

PLR Beach

Becky Beach is a 6-figure printable seller and blogger who covers many categories in her PLR merchandise – journals, coloring pages, clip art, etc. So be sure to browse through her entire PLR collection.

If you want free private label rights content, you can grab her free weekly planner and start selling it immediately.

Also, if you love the idea of PLR but struggle to know how to exactly customize it and make it feel yours, then you have to check out her free 8-day PLR Challenge! Each day you’ll get an email with lots of tips, hows to’s, and some video tutorials to help you get your PLR items up and on your printables shop (finally making you money).

If you find something you love, then use code “AFFILIATE25” for 25% off all her PLR products.

Simply Couture Designs

Carmen at Simply Couture Designs has lots of PLR printables; planners, art, stickers, and graphics.

She also has a monthly membership site, her Insider Club. This is where every month you get a free PLR printable pack, a Creative lesson working on Canva, and an Etsy seller training. AND, she has an Insider’s Club for Etsy Sellers, which I need to buy pronto. I’ve already purchased several of Carmen’s courses and they are excellent!

Simple Happiness

Jan at Simple Happiness has a TON of beautiful PLR printables that I know you will love!

She also has a FREE 30 page gratitude journal with PLR commercial rights.

Grab this and use it yourself, stock your shop or give something special to your customers!

It’s yours FREE with coupon code HAPPINESS

Grow Your Blog With PLR

Another great PLR shop is Cheri’s site, Grow Your Blog with PLR. Cheri has so many PLR products like bundles, coloring pages, digital planners, Babysitter Binder, and more!

Right now you can get a FREE PLR Coloring Journal!

Just use code: WELCOME22 at checkout!


Conclusion on Private Label Rights (PLR) Content

As shown above, PLR content can be used in a plethora of ways to quickly add value to your blog, business, Etsy Shop, and more!

And, adding content and value usually also means adding extra cash to your wallet.

Finally, always use PLR content sellers that others have used or recommended, and that have a great reputation.

Happy Creating!!!


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