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2023 Women’s Trends in Beauty, Health & Lifestyle

2023 Women’s Trends in Beauty, Health & Lifestyle

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Get ready for the New Year with 2023 women’s trends in beauty, health, lifestyle, wellness, and personal growth! This is the year we will see a lot more at-home beauty and anti-aging treatments, new fitness trends, an anti-hustle attitude, and so much more.

First, let’s see what the 2023 Trends for Women include, then I’ll list some of the best sellers in each category.

Let’s Go!

Women’s Trends in Beauty

Beauty Treatments at Home

    While many people are still heading to local spas, bringing the beauty spa home is becoming more and more popular every year. At-home beauty treatments have advanced from sheet masks and pore strips to innovative home facials and at-home laser hair removal. Keep an eye out because these will continue to be prevalent throughout 2023.

    Current Best Sellers:

      I have all three of these products. The facial cleansing brush works great for cleaning my large pores and reducing my acne. For the facial roller and gua sha, I keep these in my bedside small fridge so they are cold and help to reduce my morning puffy eyes. Finally, I bought the NuFace mini starter kit a few weeks ago, so probably not long enough for a true review. However, this does seem to tighten the muscles in my face above my eyebrows so they appear more uplifted, like with Botox. It only takes 5 minutes per day ( I use this after showering at night), and I am pleased with my results. Also seems to help define my jawline.

      Beauty Enhancement Products

      Anti-aging and enhancing your natural beauty is definitely growing, with even more beauty enhancement procedures, products, and devices being introduced every day. For 2023, you might see a wide range of enhancement trends, from more lip fillers and
      Botox, to devices that help you provide at-home enhancement.

      Current Best Sellers:

      Women’s Trends in Health and Wellness

      Low-Impact Workouts

        Fitness has transformed quite a bit recently, but one of the biggest changes is the popularity of low-impact workouts returning to people’s homes and workout routines. Pilates made a huge comeback in the last 2 years, thanks to online influencers enjoying
        mat and reformer Pilates. But that’s not all; other low-impact workouts like yoga, stretching, and walking are going to be trending even more this year.

        Current Best Sellers:

        I have the yoga mat and the resistance bands, which both serve their purpose well. Also, I have a different fitness and health tracker watch, but I think they all do their job of keeping up with your exercise amount and level per day, built-in GPS, stress management tools, sleep tracking, 24/7 Heart Rate, and more. Finally, I feel they are well worth their money, and they help nudge you to move more and get more activity into your day.

        Functional Fitness

        In addition to low-impact workouts, functional fitness can be added to the workout trends for 2023. Functional fitness includes any form of exercise that can aid you in your everyday life and daily activities. Think of this as exercises that help you build strength to carry groceries up a flight of stairs and walk somewhere if your car breaks down.

        This includes:

        • Walking
        • Stretching
        • Strength Training
        • Lungs and Squats
        • Mobility Training
        • Yoga and Flexibility Exercises

        Current Best Sellers:

        Exercise Recovery

        2023 will bring a huge emphasis on Exercise Recovery. This crucial area of wellness started gaining traction this year with the rise of recovery tools like massage therapy guns and air compression boots.

        As most of us know, exercise stresses your body and causes damage to your muscles. This damage is fine. In fact, it’s what helps build muscle. But, your body needs time to recover and grow stronger.

        Best Sellers in Exercise Recovery tools:

          Women’s Trends in Lifestyle

          Anti-hustle Lifestyle

          Gone are the days of the hustle, and in come the days of promoting rest and downtime. It is not about being lazy and no longer working hard, but not using the “hustle” as a way to brag about how all you do is grind 24/7. In 2023, expect to see a lot more people looking for that healthy work/life balance and not bragging about their 90-hour work weeks.

          How do we acquire this trend of slow living?

          1. Be present and appreciate now.
          2. Make your wellness a priority.
          3. Schedule time for work and play
          4. Prioritize healthier habits, like sleep, meditation, et.
          5. Be disciplined in what you want – don’t waste time.

            Social Wellness and Connection

              We learned many things after Covid restrictions and lockdowns as a collective. But, one of the most important is how vital social connection and community is to the human experience. A trend you will see a lot more this upcoming year is the importance of social wellness and being part of a community. And, understanding how these elements can help improve your health and happiness.

              Current Best Sellers:

                Women’s Trends in Self-Care

                Mindfulness and Meditative practice

                2023 trends have us becoming more mindful about our decisions for our wellness, and the planets too.

                We have become more conscious of supporting and nurturing our mental health following the stresses of recent years. We are acting to preserve and improve our mental health, and our relationships and consider how we spend our time.

                Also, Meditation continues to be one of the most popular self-care activities, and it has now gone digital. In 2023, meditation apps will be even more popular, thanks to apps like Calm, Headspace, and Buddhify.

                Current Best Sellers:

                Self-Soothing and Self-Therapy Journaling

                Speaking of journaling, that is definitely not going away! However, journaling has transformed a lot in recent years. With the increase in popularity of using journal prompts and writing prompts to give you a topic to write about, it’s so much easier for everyone to have the benefits and various styles of journaling.

                More people are now using prompts to help with at-home self-therapy (not to replace conventional therapy) as a way to self-soothe, gain more clarity, and understand their grief, joy, heartache, anxiety, stress, and all of their other complex emotions a little

                Current Best Sellers in Journaling:

                Conclusion of Women’s Trends for 2023

                As we have seen, there are near endless practices you can use to boost your beauty, health, and wellbeing and feel your very best. And, for 2023, there are a few stand-out strategies that are sure to explode onto the scene. Knowing what’s ahead can help you get a jumpstart on a healthy and happy new year.

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